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1.who gave separation of power theory: Montesquieu
2.Who said man is a political animal? Aristotle
3.who coined the term political science?
4.who wrote ahkam e sultaniya? Al Mawardi
5.Who among the following gave social contract theory? Locke
6.French civil law is based on whose teachings?
7.Number of articles in turkish constituitions? 177
8.In Turkish 1961 constitution, names of 2 legislatures were: National Assembly and senate of republic
9.According to Iqbal Ijtihaad could be done by?
10.If people are diverse and autocratic, which form of government should be opted? Federal and Presidential
11.In unitary system, local governments draw their power from ? Government or constituion?
12.Iqbal became member of Punjab assembly in? 1926
13.Number of citizen of a state according to Plato? 5040
14.American constitution passed on which date? Sept 17, 1787 1701, which English act on independence of judiciary was passed? Settlement Act
16.Worlds oldest constitution? UK or USA?
17.presidential system employs which doctrine? Separation of Power
18.Powerful judiciary first time in which country? USA
19.Communist dictatorship idea given by? Lenin
20.Mao ze Dong revolution? Cultural revolution
21.Famous book written by Sir Sayyad? None of them
22.Who signed Lucknow pact for Muslim League?
23. Basic democracies for elections introduced by: Ayub Khan
24: Shariat Bill which amendment? 9th amendment
25: Horse trading bill signed on: 1997

Any corrections are welcome.
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