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Originally Posted by ali ak View Post
Paper 1
1st chair woodrow wilson, zimmerman
neorealism concepts structuralism, geopolitics fp etc
balance of threa, walt
offensive/defensive neo realism, Power+Security maximizer
Realist+Rational+revolution smthng theory
Detente relaxation
graham allison FP decision, rational actor+bureaucracy+state decision
Constructivism main person
tragedy of gr8 power politics, mearshimer
newest state, sudan probably
Russia is semi presidential
French PM
US electoral college = 538
IBRD = int bank on development reconstruction
ostopolitik = east...
Gatt = trade tariff
Complex INterdependence = robert kohane + joseph nye
GDR = East Germany
Dayton Peace = bosnia

Defense Minister khawaja
CPEC route ?
Zarb e azab 15/6
Yemen strike 26/3
CO2 emissions china
Higher then hope mandella
mi5 uk
Modern Slavery bill uk
No army = iceland
Nato Sec Gen = Stollenberg
Eurozone = 18
Weapon exports USA
largest Gas = Russia i think
Iran Pak = Peace Pipe
Peace Angel 2014 = Sino Pak
APS 16 dec
Bandung 1955
Peaceful Coexistance = Kruschev
92 environment conf = rio
rise & fall of gr8 power = paul kennedy
France PM is Bernard Cazeneuve
God has sent us to do something special,Life is once for all but not to be Repeated by a pendulum.
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