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03 Rangers and riot police fight gunbattle with Lal Masjid militants, killing 10.
07 President Musharraf warns lal Masjid militants to surrender or be prepared to die.
Multi party Conference starts in London.
08 MPC declaration asks president Musharraf to resign.
10 Abdul Rashid Ghazi and 50 Lal Masjid militants are killed in battle with army commandos.
11 MPC launches the All Parties Democratic Movement (APDM).
12 Supreme Court Stays PSO sale.
13 Local Taliban announce enforcement of Sharia in Khaar, bajaur Agency.
14 Suicide bombing kills 24 soldiers in North Waziristan.
15 Suicide bombing kills 49 in the NWFP; 28 are security personnel.
16 Pakistan Cricket Board names Geoff Lawson as new national coach.
17 Suicide bomber strikes outside bar council convention venue in Islamabad killing 17.
19 suicide bomber strikes Chinese engineers’ van killing 30 in Hub.
Eighteen die in bomb attack at Kohat cantonment mosque.
20 Supreme Court rejects presidential reference against chief justice.
21 Thunderstorm kills 48 people in Dir.
23 militants and security personnel fight in North Waziristan; 35 militants and two soldiers die.
24 Militant Abdullah Mehsud blows himself up during raid by security personnel in Zhob.
27 President Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto meet in Abu Dhabi to discuss politics.

01 President Musharraf appoints Justice (retd) Malik Mohammed Qayyum as attorney-general of
02 The Us under-secretary of state for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns Threatens to use in force in
Pakistan’s tribal areas against Al Qeada.
04 Opposition leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi is released from Kot Lakhpat jail on Supreme Court
08 A three-day Pakistan-Afghanistan joint peace jirga begins in Kabul.
10 Supreme Court admits constitutional petition of Nawaz Sharif seeking to return to Pakistan.
Rains leave 21 dead in Karachi.
12 President Musharraf attends joint peace jirga in Kabul.
18 Militant commander Baitullah Mehsud scraps 2005 six-point peace agreement with government.
19 Fire rages through Karachi’s PNSC building destroying valuable documents.
22 Rains and storm kill 10 in Karachi.
23 Supreme Court allows Nawaz Sharif to return home.
30 Militants capture over 200 army personnel in South Waziristan.

01 Shershah bridge collapses in Karachi killing six people.
03 President Musharraf inaugurates Sabakazi Dam in Zhob.
Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Ordinance 2007 promulgated.
04 Two Suicide bombers strike at two locations in Rawalpindi’s high security zone killing 27 people.
06 Supreme Court admits petition against dual post of President Musharraf.
10 The government sends Nawaz Sharif back to Suadi Arabia after his arrival in Islamabad.
11 Suicide bomber attacks in D.I.Khan killing 18 people.
PML (N) files court petition against government for deporting Nawaz Sharif.
12 Clashes between militants and army in Waziristan kill 40 militants.
13 suicide bomber attacks commando base in Tarbela killing 15 soldiers.
15 Election Commission amends rules for presidential poll making Article 63 irrelevant.
18 Supreme Court is informed by president Musharraf through his counsel that he will step down as army
chief if re-elected president for second term.
20 Supreme Court rejects Imran Khan’s application seeking revocation of amendment to Presidential
Election Riles by chief election commissioner.
At least 18 people die after drinking toxic liduor in Karachi.
28 Supreme Court dismisses petition against President Musharraf for holding two offices, allowing him to contest presidential poll.
30 Government signs $750m accord with US for Fata uplift.

01 President Musharraf’s candidature is challenged in Supreme Court.
Suicide bomber in burqa strikes in Bannu killing 16 people.
05 Supreme Court declines to stay presidential election; directs Election Commission not to notify result
until its verdict.
President Musharraf promulgates National Reconciliation Ordinance 2007.
06 President Musharraf wins presidential election from a parliamentary electoral college.
Militants kidnap 28 soldiers in North Waziristan.
07 Clashes break out between security forces and militants and 20 troops.
09 Fighter jets bomb a village in North Waziristan killing 50 people.
10 NWFP Governor Ali Mohammad Jan Aurakzai dissolves provincial assembly; names Shamsul Malik
as caretaker chief minister.
17 Inzamamul Haq plays last Test innings at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.
18 Suicide bombers attack welcome procession of Benazir Bhutto killing more then 140 people.
23 President Musharraf unveils political, administrative and development package for the Northern Areas.
25 Bomb blast kills 20 including 17 security personnel in Swat.
26 Militants publicly execute four security personnel in village near Mingora.
30 Suicide bomber attacks police check post in Rawalpindi less than a kilometer from President
Musharraf’s camp office, killing seven people.

01 Suicide bomber attacks PAF bus in Sargodha killing 11 people.
Sixty militants are killing in swat.
03 President Musharraf promulgates emergency suspending the Consitution Hameed Dogar is sworn in as
new chief justice; several judges refuse to take oath under PCO.
04 In South Waziristan, militants free 213 army personnel after two months, in exchange for 25 militants.
06 Supreme Court overrules a seven-judge decision against PCO.
07 National Assembly endorses proclamation of emergency and suspension of Constitution.
10 The government amends Army Act giving power to army to court-martial civilians.
12 Free trade pact signed with Malaysia.
Army takes over command of security forces in Swat.
13 In NWFP, militants take over district headquarters of Shangla in Malakand Division.
14 Security forces attacks Shangla district killing 14 people.
Islami Jamiat-i-Tulaba students at Lahore’s Punjab University hand over Imran Khan to police.
16 Caretaker Prime Minister Mohammadmain Soomro takes oath of office.
US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte arrives in Islamabad.
News channels Geo and ARY are shut down.
Sectarian clashes erupt in Parachinar killing 10.
17 in meeting with John Negroponte, president Musharraf refuses to set date for lifting emergency.
18 Security forces use Cobra helicopters in a bid to end sectarian clashes in Parachinar. The clashes killed
80 people in three days.
19 Caretaker governments of Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh take oath.
Sectarian clashes in Parachinar kill 28.
20 In clashes in Shangla district, 19 militants and six civilians are killed.
21 President Musharraf amends Constitutions through executive order providing constitutional cover to
all actions taken during emergency period.
Baloch leader Balach Marri is killed.
22 commonwealths suspends Pakistan’s membership.
23 Supreme Court validates imposition of emergency and suspension of Constitution.
Supreme Court certifies presidential election of October 6.
24 Two suicide bombers strike in Rawalpindi targeting military personnel and installations, killing 18.
25 Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif returns to Lahore from exile.
Army claims killing 30 militants in Swat and Capturing strategic mountain positions of militants.
26 Clashes between security forces and militants kill 20 militants and four soldiers.
28 President General Musharraf retires as army chief. General Ashfaq Kayani takes over.
29 President Musharraf takes oath as civilian president

02 Turkish President Abdullah Gul arrives in Islamabad for two-day visit.
03 Nomination papers of Nawaz Sharif rejected on grounds of his conviction.
04 Interior ministry spokesman Brig (retd) Javed Iqbal Cheema says 230 militants are killed and 90 in
custody since operation in Swat.
Suspected women suicide bomber blows herself up at military checkpoint in Peshawar.
09 APDM fails to evolve consensus on election boycott issue.
10 Pakistan oil reserves drop to lowest ever level.
11 Presidents Musharraf inaugurates Sialkot International Airport.
12 Caretaker cabinet raises electricity tariff.
Roadside explosions in North Waziristan kill 15 soldiers.
13 President Musharraf sanctions the creation of National Command Authority, authorizing it to ensure
security and safety of unclear establishments.
15 President Musharraf introduces more constitutional amendments through executive orders.
Authorities confirm country’s first death due bird flu.
16 suicide blast kills at least 12 army recruits in Kohat.
Suspected militants Rashid Rauf escapes from police custody.
19 Lahore-board Karachi express derails near Mehrabpur killing 50 passengers.
Us senate approves a $785mn aid package for Pakistan.
21 Charsadda mosque suicide attack kills 56, injuries 100.
23 Us official says there are no restrictions on sale of F-16, TWO missiles to Pakistan.
Suicide bomber attacks army convoy in NWFP, killing four soldiers and six others.
27 Benazir Bhutto assassinated.


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