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I think this was most easy International Law Paper. I opted this subject for the first time, and only studied on last day. Although i had holiday, but i wasted most of the time then actual study.

If u cant do Q1&2, there is no point studying IL. Even me with 8 hours prep did these 2 Questions. Because u start with "Whether IL is True Law", and Sources of Law is plainly asked in Syllabus.

I covered 70% syllabus in 2 hours (outside exam hall), using a very nice book that has outline of each topic. Got the talking points of Q5 from there. Q4 was nice and easy, didnt requires much of I law.

Q6 is bit ratta, i didnt studied this so i did;t knew anything on this topic
Q7 is plain analysis, u just need to know meaning of Montevideo, which i didnt. But one should expect such ignorance from few hours study.

I didnt do Q8, but i could have satisfactorily done collective use of focr and relation of state with individual.

This paper was a peace of cake for anyone with good knowledge, analytical skills, and 1-2 days of INternational Law study.
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