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Post ZTBL OG-III -- Interview Experience

My interview was yesterday. It was brief, merely 3-4 minutes. Let me "draw" it for you.

- Panel consisted of 4 officials.
- One asked a few personal questions and gestured one of the panelists (field specialist) to continue. The others didn't even look up for a second. They were busy writing something down.
- He asked me 5 questions related to Information Technology (I'm an IT graduate). Didn't even let me answer properly, like he was in some hurry.

4 minutes top ... thats it ... Honestly I felt kinda disrespected. Esa lagra tha jese wo bas formality pori kre hn. Jis speed se interviews conduct kre thy .. average 3-4 minutes hi thi per interview ... bas apni Degree se related questions expect kren aur agar job kren hn to us se related b ..


P.S 9 questions were asked .. of which 3 were about my father's job.
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