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Default @ Sarmad Raffique

Originally Posted by Sarmad Rafique
Dear Sir Tahir (ASP)

I really like the way you answer the questions....and I am impressed from your education as well…Nice! Couple of weeks back I came up with bunch of queries, hope u all remember who participated?

Well, I have decided to go for MBA first and then CSS inshAllah...but I have comment and question on your statement “after retirement as CSP, a CA holder can have sound future as well". I put it in the perspective of MBA….

1) Can MBA help to join some company or bank to work with (After getting retired from CSS)? another thing that I always think about Police officers that I have seen lot of political influence within unethical and illegal demands of CMs and Nazims during election days to DPOs.. And if one does not comply with, he gets transferred or suffers his due promotions. (Who is Nazim to direct a DPO? Is he a CSP officer? How much an ASP or DPO is autonomous then?) Up to what extent this rumor or u can say my observation is right?

2) After how many years CSS officer (in Police) gets promoted? And I have heard that age limit is extended up to 30 years to attempt for CSS... Is it right?

3) Up to what extent my MBA can help me in the exam of CSS, means to qualify it?

I think I have asked more then I should but I want to get rid of my confusion thru u brothers and sisters on this group...

All members especially ASPs and police officers are warmly requested to answer…+ Mr. SURMOUNTz opinion is awaited…
Best Regards,

Dear Sarmad...First of all i really appreciate you for your keen interest shown in CSS...Pakistan needs competant people like you and I always feel obliged to answer the queries of the people like you

Now coming to the point..well As far as PSP is concerned then an MBA would'nt hav good package after retirement (at 60) or at premature resignation..this logic holds good for CAs but not for MBAs, reasons being the market is full of MBAs moreover MBAs are not financial advisors they are managers. (for PSP MBAs only)..BUT as far as MBAs in DMG,Foreign Service,tax,Custom,Audit/Accounts,Commerce & trade is concerned the prospects are very bright for MBAs..well i would like to quote the example of one of my seniors..he was in Income Tax department,he did MBA from IBA through Govt of Pak (which is mandatory for IT officers) then served for atleast 2 years and later he received an offer from Bank Alfalah at 5 lac per month + Civic + unlimited cell phone Now this is the prospects of an MBA in technical fields ofcourse even CA is'nt at its best while in PSP but in PSP one can go for LLM( crime) or Forensics as the STP at Sahala is awarded as Bsc(Criminal Studies) from punjab university

Yes MBA will help you a lot during your CSS attempt, i think if u hav covered ur accounting good dyring your MBA, u can score 150 easily in accouting of CSS (I scored 172) then Mercantile law if u hav good grip in Mercantile Law u can score 70+ (i scored 88) i think these were the two papers which made the difference for me coz i prepared for just 5 months for CSS due to my job commitments din hav time to prepare well then i resigned and prepared finally. similarly MBA can make a difference for u if u use it to your advantage.

Well talking about MNAs/MPAs and Nazims....who is more educated? who is more tacical? who is more shrewd? who is more cunning? "Toppi pehnana kisse atti hai?" ofcourse mighty CSPs...!!!! i think u got my point....yar have simple approach...DO NOT say No to diplomatic and in the end do what ever u want to do...u'll always find excuses to be presented to these MNAs/MPAs and Nazims...they 'll play in ur hands dun u worry,the process through which v r sellected these Politicians ca'nt out smart us...believe me its a fact...but remember never say staright NO to diplomatic

well from an ASP to SP it takes minimum of 2.5 years after ur STP is over...but finally it comes to the available seats in front of u...if seat is available then u get promoted just after 2.5 years but if seats are'nt avalable then it could take 3 years too...!!!

No age limit is'nt being extended to 30...

I tried to give all the Qs u on leave as am leaving for UK after Eid for my LLM(crime) so by then I am available so if u wanna ask more,u are more than welcomed

I Came, Struggled, Was Pushed to the Walls, at last came back and Won the Battle...A 34th Common PSP
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