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Default @ Sarmad Raffique

Originally Posted by Sarmad Rafique
hmmm..thatz right. well best of luck with your tour... i think this is the attractive thing in CSS ( foreign tours) . have you ever been to u.k or other foreign country with an official trip before?

U rightly said about political diplomacy...but situation may vary from province to province. when did u join this service?

STP stands for? Sir what is the duration of training after qualifynig for ASP?

will be in touch INSHALLAH!

No I hav'nt been to UK on official tour before (I am not that old in Civil Service,just arrived in it)

Yeah situation might vary from province to province so does political political diplomacy varies too (PSP does take toll on your nerves) I passed in CSS-2005(34th Common)

STP stands for Specialised Training Programme,for PSP it is held @ Sahala, duration of training of an ASP after sellection from year to year, normally 7-8 month Combined Training Programme (CTP) at Lahore, then 9 month STP at Sahala,then few weeks Elite force course at lahore & Undertrainig ASP period too,so it takes about 20 months almost to come in field.

I have come in field just a few months back,it was just my second posting before getting leave for studies.
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