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Old Thursday, September 25, 2008
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Originally Posted by tahirauf
Well...As far as foreign Universities are concerned I do'nt have any idea except Oxford,getting a degree without leaving pakistan...i do'nt think it is possible.

You have to arrange your admission yourself in the foreign university, then apply through proper channel for leave,you will most of the cases get the study leave...during your stay in other country u'll get around 70-90 k's + your pakistani salary will be credited to your account (in pak) as usual.

In pakistan no such degree is offered,only PU recently started awarding BSc(Crime) degree to STP pass students.

This will not help you getting fast promotions..rather it will help you getting promotion in time (out of promotions are banned)

Thanks for your reply Mr. Tahir,
As you mentioned that government will offer such students Rs.70-90,000, is it per month, or per year?. Will that amount suffice for all the university and living expenditures abroad?
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