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Originally Posted by S R Bhutto View Post
Let me take care of today, tomorrow shall take care of itself


1. Introduction:

2. Importance of "Today"

3. Connection between today and tomorrow
- The type of seed we sow, today, will produce the same type of fruit tomorrow -

4. Methods to take care of "today" for a better "tomorrow"

a) Staying Optimistic
b) Setting realistic life goals
c) Honesty with one's own self is the best policy
d) Working tirelessly towards achieving goals
e) Positive attitude towards life

5. Consequences of ignoring "today" and worrying unrealistically about future

a) Wasting time and energy
b) Lethargic attitude
c) Wobbly goals
d) No self-control and engaging in useless activities

6) Conclusion

Please seniors, madaaad kardein koi plsss

Assess my essay outline....requestttiing you, all
Your outline is very generic. In my view, topic is about bringing change in today that will bring stable tomorrow. that "Me" could be an individual, a state , an ideology and world community as a whole. you have to talk about healing the broken systems around us that need attention, and which will eventually take care of themselves in future. it also implies of not sticking to past and cry over it. Coming to the realization that everyone makes mistakes and that they are essential to growth and progress is liberating. you have to combine all of them.

P.S this idea was taken from Bible Matthew verse which suggest to not to worry about future because it is not in your hands, everything has its ways and they all meet an end.

best of Luck!
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