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Default The way things work.

Let me tell you how the ZTBL Recruitment Process works. 100 marks for Test and 100 marks for Interview. Yes folks, that 5 minutes long Interview with basic and formality questions is deemed equal to 2 hours of Test. Keep in mind, test scores are out of ZTBL Management's hands as it is NTS that handles them. On the other hand, Interview scores are entirely in the hands of ZTBL and this is where the "activity" happens. With vacancies ranging from 150 to 250, some candidates get letter on merit alone.

As for the rest, there is a reason why so many 70 and 80 mark holders are not issued letters, despite having Great to Average Interviews and fulfilling the qualification requirements. In order to adjust the high scoring from tests, ZTBL Management does its best to give as lower marks to the aforementioned candidates as possible, in favor of candidates with "Source/Parchi or More". This is how a lot of candidates scoring marks in 60s are issued letters, instead of candidates scoring 70 and above. Some of the candidates are given as low as 20,25 marks out of 100 marks in Interviews, despite having average interviews. Not saying all candidates that score 60s are like that and I am sure some of them were issued letters on merit alone.

As for girls scoring marks in 70 and more and not getting Interview letters. You should know, Girls are assigned few posts in ZTBL and most of them are taken by Employees' relatives, next of kin or candidates with "Source/Parchi or More".

You would find a lot of candidates defending their low scores on these threads and claiming how interviews are judged on the overall personality of the candidate. The only way these candidates are more intelligent than you is because they know the importance and significance of "Source/Parchi or More". There are some questions for ZTBL Management;

1. How can you assign 100 marks to an Interview that is barely 5 minutes long? How can you undervalue the tests so much?
2. How can someone score marks in region of 20,30 and 40 during Interviews despite having average interviews?
3. Is there any part of our soul left uncorrupted?

Next time, hopefully most of us will fall into the merit category. However, its much better to be wise and proactive and look for as much "Source/Parchi or More", as you can find. Nearly all of the letters are issued and received this time around. Very few must be pending due to some issues or delays. Good luck next time. Be wise.
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