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Originally Posted by Asad Ali Afzal Mughal View Post
i would like to thank for your time and kind attitude toward the guidance of a beginner like me. At the same time i would like to ask you about the helping material and notes or books sort of stuff that can prove fruitful towards my preprations for this years css exams. I have checked all the details of subjects you have mentioned in your comment. i found after detailed search that they are the best from the lot. kindly help me regarding books and notes issue.
My pleasure. So you are going with subjects you had chosen before or is there any change.
Moderator has already provided you with link where you can get knowledge about compulsory subjects.
I can suggest you books of compulsory subjects if you want. For that contact me on my email. It is in my profile. As far as optional subjects are concerned as per your previous selection we have only US history as common subject. I can only guide about that for rest you can go through relevant threads of each subjects. Check all posts after mid 2015 (after change of syllabus). You will get the better idea this way. Also I have some suggestions regarding business administration and mercantile law. Moderators may not let me post everything here and there and it is difficult to tell on many different posts.
Like I had totally lost this thread of yours and that is why I am replying late.
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