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Originally Posted by TAkhn View Post
i need to choose one subject from group VII, i was confused about psychology and sociology but the forum discussions have made me more confused. some say sociology is more scoring than psychology while other say vice versa.some say sociology is easy to cover while the course of psychology is more lengthy for 100 marks.
keeping in mind ii have a science background which subject should it opt ?

my other subjects are
1. International relations
2. international law
3. environmental sciences
4. history of USA
5. ???? HELP
I have same combination of subjects and my last subject is psychology. About scoring trend. They now share pretty much the same sort of trend. One can fetch good marks in both as per my observation of CE-16 result (The only result which has been declared after change of subject. Both are scoring but not too high scoring. Before change of syllabus, Psychology was extremely high scoring due to logical portion which is not a part of new syllabus as it is now part of GS & A.
Syllabus of psychology is bit lengthy for 100 marks subject but not too lengthy. I have chosen it because it is very interesting and easily understandable.
As you have science back ground you should go for psychology.
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