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Default Weekly Analysis: 7th Issues

Here is 7th Edition of the WEEKLY ANALYSIS
 Global Issues
  • Political Islam: An Evolutionary History
  • Second Qatar Crisis: Causes and Possible Solutions
  • Who will be Next Hegemon Following Collapse of Anglo-American Order?
 Pakistan’s External Affairs
  • Regional Fragility and India’s Offensive Posture: Options for Pakistan
  • Has China Taken Over Pakistan?

 Pakistan’s Domestic Affairs
  • Diamer-Bhasha Dam Gets a New Revival

 Weekly Current Affairs MCQs (8th June—20th June)

 Transcripts of Talk Shows
  • CNN’s Amanpour By CNN Host I: Christiane Amanpur
  • Connect the World By CNN Host Hannah Vaughan Joes
  • Fareed Zakaria GPS by CNN Host Fareed Zakaria
 Research Articles for CSS Essay Topics
  • Defining War
  • War Taxonomy
  • Debate: Is War a Necessary Evil?
  • Advatages & Disadvantages of War
  • War Myths

 Solved Past Papers
  • Solved MCQs of CSS Compulsory Papers 2011
  • PMS General Knowledge Paper 2016
  • FPSC Assistant Director Federal Government Organization Intelligence Bureau) Paper 2003
  • FPSC Paper 2013 for Inspector ASF (Airport Security Force)
  • Solved MCQs of CSS Optional Papers 2017 (I.R & Political Science2017)
  • ‘Democracy In Chains: Traces The Rise Of American Libertarianism
  • Pakistan: Defeat is an Orphan
 Urdu Reports & Transcripts of Programs
  • Jirga by Saleem Saafi (Afghan Issue, Qatar Crises, JIT)
  • Aj Shahzaib Khanzada ke Saath (Civil Military Relations
 Interviews
  • Interview: Ali Shareef Al Emadi Qatar Minister of Finance
Download link:
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