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Originally Posted by Anum Zara View Post
Since you have no degree in any major subjects of group 1 and 2 so, you have no option but to take general subjects as optional. Group 2 has no general subjects. Group 1 has only 2 general subject. IR and PS. My recommendation is to choose IR. It is more scoring and one can prepare at home. Being a beginner you may feel difficulty in understanding. For clear direction to prepare subject join academy or take help from any qualified CSP.

You have background of Botany but I will never advise you to take it as optional. It is not scoring at all. Instead you can choose ES from same group and being a science graduate it should be easy for you. Otherwise it is totally upto you as you must consider you aptitude and interest. Go through syllabus of both before deciding by keeping scoring trend in mind. They are in group 5.

From group 7 you can choose Psychology, Sociology or regional language. Psychology is my recommendation as it is interesting and can be easily prepared and scoring trend is also good.

From group 6 you can choose IL. Recommended subject with IR. Otherwise criminology is an other good option.

Group 4: US history or History of P & I. US history is recommended with IR and IL. Otherwise P & I history is also a good choice. Equally scoring.

In case you decide not to take optional subject from any 1 of above groups you can attempt P.A from group 3. It can also fetch you good marks. It is general subject.

I can only give suggestions. You need to decide according to your aptitude and interest by keeping scoring trend in mind. Go through complete syllabus of all and choose wisely.
Ok. Thanks alot for suggestion. I have another question regarding syllabus. I have to prepare Topics given in syllabus or the whole books?
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