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Originally Posted by awais274 View Post
I entered the interview room about 2 to 3 minutes before 12 noon.
I greeted Salam to all 4 penalists individually .
Chairman : Have a seat Doctor .
Me : Thank u Sir .
Chairman : on your form pic you have a sort of cut beard style , and today you are clean shaven ?
Me : Yes Sir I like to change it around , I have also kept moustaches for a while .
Ch: So which style do u actually like ?
Me: I like clean shave sir .
Ch: So why it isn't so on the form pic .
Me: Sir , I feel that my clean shaven pics don't look cute ( Big smile from him ) .
Ch : you should have decided by now , so let me ask you what is your final decision ?
Me: Sir , final decision is clean shave as I have come here today .
Ch: I think that you have no interest in medical field , as you have no employment record ?
I tried to explain to him that it's only being 6 months since my Housejob ended and I had to appear in 14 attempt and interview prep , so I did some replacement jobs of friends but no regular employment .
Ch : so why you became doctor in the first place ?
Me: It's the preferred option for most FSC students , family wishes .
Ch: so what happened that you decided to shift career path?
Me: CSS was always an ambition and I couldn't adjust in the health care system so it became more of a choice .
Ch : So if everyone will lose interest and get frustrated , who will serve the patients then ?
Me: Sir , most doctors are serving patients with devotion , and those like me who couldn't adjust often leave the country , but I have decided to serve my society , and I do believe that shifting from medical may not be the best decision but it isn't the worst either and I am satisfied with my decision .
Ch: what are your other career options ?
Me : Fcps psychiatry sir .
Ch : your hobbies are movies , cricket and keeping birds ?
Then there was 2 minutes discussion on birds in which he asked what is your interest in birds ?
How many you have kept , what do u do with them ? Why a few , you should expand your passion ?
Me: Sir , time shortage , career building uncertainty keeps me from persuading my interests fully.
Ch : (in a satirical way ) When you will be a civil servant or a practicing Doctor , then you will have ample time ?
Me: Sir when One settles down in life , then it's easy to follow both your work and leisure .

Ok Then he handed me over to mR Mansoor sohail .
His Questions .
What are the social issues of pakistan ?
What is the main issue of health sector ?
What is wrong with education ?
Budgetary allocations to both sectors ?
What is Balochistan issue ? 2 to 3 cross questions about it .
What is Kashmir issue ? ( exactly same wording , questions were general and open ) 2 to 3 cross questions .
What was ARSLAN iftikhar case , , was it a public or a private issue ? are u satisfied with the investigations ? No I am not .
What is the role of security council and general assembly ?

Ok thanks .
Madam : what became of the missing persons case ?
What are your views about mr iftikhar chaudhry ? I have high regards for him madam .
Why he had many controversies ?
Then she asked about him 2 to 3 questions?
Should we talk to Taliban ? Yes madam there nothing wrong in talking to anyone .
What are your hopes ? They are low madam .
Then what's the rational of talking ?
Considering the devastation military operations will cause ,even if there is 1% chance of success I will go for it .
Who should we talk to ? Afghan or pk Taliban ?
Pak Taliban madam , afghan Taliban have no stake in pakistan .
1 or 2 more questions about Taliban peace talks .

Ok thanks then MR Wajid Rana ( he had my file, he was studying it during the 20 minutes the rest of the panel was asking questions ) . And we expected on day 1 that he's the Najeeb ULLAH malik of panel this year . And he was .

Rana: As u told mr chairman that you have interest in psychiatry , does the dark colour of your suit and sweater have any psychiatric meaning ?
Me : smiling , sir it's just a shopping decision , it has no psychiatric basis ( he smiled too ) .
Rana : your fav Book is guns germs and steel ? Yes sir .
So what's the main criticism against Jared diamond and guns germs and steel ?
Me : he's been criticised for portraying a simplistic and neat view of history , and he has ignored the human part , religion and culture . And overemphasised on geography and impersonal factors .
Rana : have you heard about Samuel Huntington ?
Yes sir , he's a political scientist famous for his views of clash of civilisations .
Rana : A long statement of Huntington , crux was that a middle class army poses threat to democratic governments in developing countries. Do you think democracy has something to dread from army in pak?
Me : The chances of military take over can never be ruled out in pakistan Sir.
Rana : do you support military dictatorships ?
Me: Categorical no , I think that this debate of Comparing military rule with Democracy should be considered heresy , democracy is the only way forward sir .
Rana : so why democracy should be threatened then?
Me: common man is no Phd or Bureaucrat, people are already losing patience with this democratic gov and military take over cn never be ruled out .
Rana: so you have psychology , sociology , european history and Int law as your optionals ? Yes sir .
What is Hegel's dialectical materialism?
I told him the answer .
Is it relevant today ?
Me: it will be relevant untill there are ideas in the world .
Rana: was the creation of universe thesis or anti thesis ?
Me: after thinking for a while , It's Thesis Sir ( he smiled and nodded his head ) , I believe it is Thesis.
Rana : he defined soverignity and asked about violation of it by Us in pakistan !
Me : Sir , I may quote an interview by general musharaf after his retirement from Presidency , Yes Go ahead .
He said that the west And US are not willing to accept our cries of soverignity , as there is no soverign in tribal areas ESP north waziristan , and ground realities have over riding effect on international law provisions.
Rana : he started opening another long statement , jus cogens and peremptory norms ?
Me : sorry sir I couldn't remember jus cogens ( I forgot to revise Latin terms ).
Rana: What are the prospects after US withdrawal from Afghanistan ?
Me: I am seeing another civil war Sir .
Rana: it's repercussions for pakistan ?
Me: Refugees , new wave of terror , pakistan wil have to take sides again in afghan politics .
Rana : You said you have some disappointments from iftikhar chaudhry but u still have high regards for him ?
Me: sir These shortcomings can be mentioned in bracket ( Media judiciary nexus , failure of structural reforms, ARSLAN iftikhar case etc) but they don't define mr iftikhar chaudhry , he will be remembered as the champion of judiciary , who reiterated the faith of common man in justice.
Ok thank u .
Thank u gentleman have a nice day , said Mr chairman .
Thank u sir , thank u all , said I .
I couldn't recall some Questions but its almost 90% of the interview.

About 32 to 33 minutes it was, they were smiling and friendly and it was a smooth pleasurable experience .

Please Pray for my allocation In my desired Group .
so nice of you sir,a lot to learn from this thread for me...
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