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Exclamation CSS Interviews 2008

Hi guys i wana tell u how my interview css 2008 was conducted,, I enterd the interview room boldly,, The pannel consisted of three members,, one chairman and two other members, they were very much polite towords me,, firstly i was asked to introduce myself then a little bit gup shap and then asked me how i was feeling,, then they started asking questions..
Q no 1: what do u know about ozone deplition?
this was a very easy question for me which i explained quite easily..
Q no 2o u think that the present law and order situation in pakistan by Taliban is because of US war on terror..
Q no 3: If US withdraws from its war on terror, will there be stability and peace in pakistan,,
Q no 4: what are the demands of pakistani Taliban. To which i replied that the imposition of shariah.
Q no 5:shariah is a good system so if they want to impose it, r they not justified in it.. there was a bit discussion on this question between me and the chairman,,
Q no 6: why pakistanis dont agree to celebrate eid on the same day..
Q no 7:why u want to join the civil Services of pakistan..
then the chairmain refferd me to another member,,
Q no 8: what do u say abt the Indo US nuclear deal..
Q no 9: why turkey is refused membership in E U..
so this was the first episode the remain ing interviw will be in da next sitting inshallah;;
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