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The UNO and its failures

After the failure of the League of Nation due to catastrophic World War II, the nations altered it to a new Global Organization as the name of it was termed the United Nations. It was established on 24 October, 1945. Since then so far it has managed to shun the catastrophic Nukes wars, though it has not sustained the peace across the world in true sense. It is, however, the alarming time to sustain peace and get rid of the precedented influence of the super powers over it so that the peace could be maintained in the whole world. Its 194 members should abide by the charter of the UNO. Moreover, the Five Super Powers, also must play their integral part in bringing about peace by having best use of Veto powers. Like UNO in its other agencies, have produced the adorable results, same is needed in the core purpose of it to peace so that the world sustains its existence for the future generation.
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