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1. First major work of Chaucer?
The Book of Duchess
2. Chaucer is also known as?
The father of english literature
3. Which one of the following works of Geoffrey Chaucer is an elegy written for Blanche of Lancaster?
The Book of Duchess
4. In which year did Chaucer fought in Hundred Years' War between France and England?
5. The Canterbury Tales is an unfinished work, wherein each pilgrim was supposed to tell more than one tale. How many tales did Chaucer originally envision each pilgrim telling?
6. Which of Chaucer's works is associated with Valentine's Day?
Parliament of fouls
7. During the period of which king did Chaucer fight in the English Army for the Hundred Years' War between France and England?
Edward 3
8. When did Geoffrey Chaucer start working on The Canterbury Tales?
Early 1380s
9. From where Matthew Arnold took the story for his Sohras and Rustam?
Shah Nama
10. What was common amongst D.G Rossetti, Christina Rossetti, Morris and Swinburne?
All belonged to pre-Raphaelite school
11. Who is the author of Blessed Damozel?
12. Wild's drama Woman of No Importance appared in ?
13. Spenser's Epithalamion is?
A wedding hymn
14. What is meant by 'Wessex'?
Region where Hardy's novels are set
15. George Eliot's novel Romola is a?
Historical novel
16. The Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria's reign was celebrated in?
17. Which one is the unfinished novel of Charles Dickens?
Edwin Drood
18. Which one is Gaskell's first novel?
Mary Barton
19. Dunstan is a character from the novel?
Silas Marner
20. Who was the leader of Pre-Raphaelite group of artists in England?
D.G Rossetti
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