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1. which sahabi is called imam ul ummat?
2. name the place where Hazrat Adam (AS) and Her Wife lie buried?
3. Which kalmas are recited at the time of nikah?
4. Who assasinated Hazrat Usmaan (RA)?
5. On which occasion Namaz was made obligatory?(i think Mirage)
6. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) led the prayers of all the Prophets, who performed the Azan?
7. Why no battle was fought in "Gazwa-e-Khandaq?
1. Hazrat Abu Bakar called Imam ul Ummat (Someone wrote Hazrat Ubaida, Hazrat Ubaida was Ameen ul ummat not imam)

2. Hazrat Adam in Makkah and Hazrat Hawa in Jedda
3. 1st or 2nd
4. Abdullah bin budail
5. Miraj
6. Hazrat Jibrail
7. Because Kuffar were afraid from Muslim power and due to storm they run
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