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If I had there I would have replied these questions like that

ANS no 1: Ozone depletion is a process in which ozone is consumed due to the emission of industrial activities In industrial emission CO and Co2 are present which react with ozone whose formula is O3 and convert it into O2 consequently the quantity of ozone in atmosphere decreases
ANS no 2: Americaís war is not the major cause of the poor law and order situation and activities of Taliban although it has accelerated the terrorist activities The major reason is the economic problems of the country People become frustrated due to economic problems and become a prey of those people who misuse them so when The US attacks across the border it creates political instability in Pakistan which exacerbate the economic condition of the country therefore the law and order situation worsens and Taliban strengthens
ANS no 3:I think there will be certain effect and the law and order situation may improve but terrorism and Taliban menace cannot be uprooted unless the economic problems of the people of Pakistan are not solved
ANS no 4: Pakistani Taliban are the pressure groups they know that the people are frustrated and they want to fish out of trouble water however there slogan is imposition of shariah
ANS no 5: certainly shariah is the complete code of life but Taliban donít interpret shariah in a right way they want to impose their conservative ideas in the veil of shariah and this system will bring nothing but sectarianism
ANS no 6: Ulema have their different school of thought and secondly the country is vast and its geography affects the moon
ANS no 7: I want to join civil service because it gives facilities there are more opportunities in civil service to excel it offers good salary CSS offiers have prestige in the society
ANS no 8: Indo us deal will be very problematic for the region Iran will be surrounded by three nuclear powers: Pakistan, India, and Israel so it will look for acquiring nuclear technology Pakistan will look at china for balancing of power Iran will get help from Russia so this deal will bring All the international players into a nuclear arena The US must be responsible otherwise it can be detrimental for the global peace
ANS no 9: I donít know sir
Kindly give your comments of my answers I shall be very thankful
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