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Old Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Default DMG a.k.a PAS seems to lose its charm due to stronger democracy.

In my opinion, the scenario is rapidly changing. Pakistan is now moving towards being a stronger democracy and it's becoming quite hard for dictatorship to prevail in today's era when people have realized the pros of democracy over dictatorship. Democracy is going to rule the state in the coming decades. The 2nd consecutive democratic rule is going to end in 2018 and the next has even more chances to prevail and so on.

Now implementing this democratic dominance over this question, the stronger democracy gets, the stronger local elected bodies become. So I believe this might affect the PAS cadre in some way in the coming years. Secondly, PMS is also at war with PAS these days. Whereas Police stands at its authority and place no matter what happens. That's just my perspective. Disagreement welcomed.
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