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Originally Posted by Sidddiq View Post
I gave an attempt back in 2014. I failed badly. Now after consulting so many successful candidates I have come to the conclusion that CSS is all about cramming. Its no different than the local curricula in application in Pakistan. As far as your query is concerned, my dear friend, while attempting a question in examination hall it is not possible to draft your answer there because of the lack of time. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that one must have a idea of what to right down immediately without any delay. This would be my second and last attempt. Though I have the third one left but I am sure I am going to move on this time around. Anyhow, this time I am going with a different approach. I am trying to divide each topic in headings. Then I am planning on cramming those headings for each topic. Along that I am going to make sure that I also Cram some of the main quotations for each topic. Due to my educational background I am unable to cram like my fellow colleague, most whom make through CSS due to their cramming abilities. So in essence i am going to make headings for each topic, develop understanding for such headings, use a quotation here and there, make my paper colourful by using blue and black marker and pens. And thats going to be pretty much it. In my opinion that is what CSS is all about. Best of luck candidates. This exam is not what it appears to be. Its all about smart thinking and examination technique. Knowledge comes at a distant third. For example, in 2014 I scored 114 in Geography and was absolutely clueless as to what I wrote in paper. In others i barely managed to pass even though I felt more confident with them. Only because it was a scoring subject I managed to pass it. So relax! have faith. If not CSS, than thats not the end of the world. Allah has a plan for everyone! Every single one of us. We just need to discover what it is. I hope in time we all do.
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