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Originally Posted by Asia kousar View Post
don't let anybody to discourage you, yes passing CSS is not easy as B.A or any other degree, its take time to study , do smart study and good analytical research on imp topics, rest it upon Allah , go through all topics once, discuss with your sincere one who motivate you,

and yes, your hard work will never go waste, you will learn a lot.

Okay in response to what that person told me I went to meet a teacher in my university and seriously thatís the best thing happen d. I talked to her about my problem regarding the ambiguities and she said working hard always pay off even if its a 4 month spanned work. She even said that every person is different have different capacities to absorb the knowledge. What you said is exactly what she said: intelligent study! Yes suppliment books can be used for knowledge but they cannot be used for giving an opinion!!

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