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Originally Posted by Norymberskie View Post
I have had a horrible experience with Ikram Rabbani's books so far. His IR book is nearly useless as it is just a compilation of Goldstein's and a few other books. Mostly Goldstein.

I started the topic of SAARC from Ikram Rabbani's book and it says only 12 summits have been held so far. The true number is 18. Its so surprising to see a leading author using outdated information. The whole article on SAARC is outdated. Even after saying only 12 summits have been held so far, the author conveniently talks about the 14th summit later on. He is just not reliable(which is sad since i used his books in Olevels and it was great)
Topics like these, must never be prepared from a book. These things keep changing and author can't be blamed for not fixing each and everything that hasn't been updated - specially when the book belongs to a particular niche.

Use Google to go through post 00s, that's the only reliable way.

That being said, the book is pretty good for Pre-Partition and Post Partition stuff till 2000s.
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