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Default story of my messed n first ever interview

b4 going into the interview details, i have a query. does registering for 2009 exams gives some extra credit to the 2008 passed candidates?i mean ive heard so much tht the qualified candidates are going for the next attemps so as not to lose chance if they fail to get through the interviews,now im feeling a little disturbed for the fact tht i havent registered for the 2009 sessions.
hmmm now coming to the interview....
i was the first one to encounter the penal early in the morning . so i entered n they told me to sit down then without waiting for me to settle down ,gen sahab asked"introduce yourself"
me: im a graduate n persuing masters.i've been very active in volunteering, co curricular and welfare activities.
chairman: what kind of welfare activities?
me: women support programme run by my mother.i assist her in my capacity.
gen:what are the problems faced by women?
me:i gave a little detailed answer starting off with domestic to social level things.
man right to gen: do u think govt is doing enough to help women?
mefurious plus agitated as i wasnt prepared for such questions)yes but as nothing is perfest so isnt the govt policies.(i was totally blank about any facts or figures what so ever)
MRT gen: how can men bring women in the main stream?
me: by mending their mental approaches to the other part of the world...means men should me more tolerant and accepting towards women.
MRT gen: these bringing change kinda talk is prophetic talk so please come to some practicality.
mestung by a bee)there should be more fascilities on socila, educational and institutional levels such as scholarships,rising payscales and increasing women representations. plus encouraging women based organisations etc.
MRT gen: what are the two problems of pakistan
man left to gen(MLT gen): what does javairia mean?
me: i explained the root word and the whole connection and philosophy behind my name.(i think i over acted there cuz till that time i was totally in their grip)
MLT gen: have u ever been abroad for education?
me: no never. u can see my educational performa.
MLT gen: hmmm i asked cuz ur accent is very rare(in what sense- i had no idea but i decided to go with the positive air and took it a little encouraging)
where have u picked up ur english, i mean where have u started learning it PROPERLY?
me:i startef off with learning abc in 6th just like others but i picked up my accent when i came to boarding , here in islamabad.(i felt relieved that at least i have something that impressed them until.....)
MLT gen:oh i see. so this is the reason you have done loads of mistakes in your english writing.
mewhhhhhat it was as if i was pulled down to earth.god tht ws the last nail in the broken ship)any ways i had nothing to do other than smiling bashfully
MLT gen: do u know abt OIC?
me: yes(meekly)
MLT gen:when was it formed, the year i mean.
metotally freaked out)i dont know, dont remember now
MLT gen: where it the HQ of OIC?
ME: no idea sir(though i remembered it later)
MLTgen:where did u learned hebrew from?i mean the teacher was he israeli?
me:i learned it in my uni . the teacher was egyptian.
gen: what do u mean by balanced aptiet ?as u've written that this impresses u the most in other people.
me: (smiling)i have bad eating habits like i cant resist pizza even though its forbidden by the doc.
gen:y bombay blasts were important ?
me: i had a little fight over my stance there which i thought was won by him but still i stuck to my point of view that the war was speculated between them.
i dont say tht i went fine rather it was a disaster but still there always a hope for u never know whats destined for you. do pray for me.
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