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Default Railways and any knowledgable CSPs. Do acknowledge if you can!

Dear Railways CSPs,
Railways is the most ignored topic on this forum. Please, for the sake of future CSPs, do shed light on the following sub-topics so that future CSPs may have a good understanding about this misunderstood group:
1-Basic functions of a new entrant in his/her 17th grade.
2-Perks, and benefits for ones own self and the power to do good for people.
3-The future of this group. Are the Railways CSPs secure in the current stage of massacred and neglected railways system of Pakistan?
Many future CSPs would be grateful to the ones who could give us authentic info about this group.
*Other* than that, these are the posts held by Railways officers in Pakistan:

Grade 22: Secretary
Grade 21: General Manager
Grade 20: AGM, maybe Additional General Manager
Grade 19: Chief Commercial Manager
Grade 18: Divisional Transport Officer, Deputy Commercial Manager
Grade 17: Assistant Transport Officer.
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