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Originally Posted by peaceful loin View Post
Topics from statistics include:

1) Introduction of Statistics
2) Collection & Presentation of data
3) Measures of central tendency
4) Measures of Dispersion/ Variance
5) Sampling
6) Correlation & Regression
7) Probability (Basic knowledge)
8) Index Numbers (Basic knowledge)
9) Hypothesis testing (Basic knowledge)

I assure you, if you completed above topics thoroughly, your 75% portion of statistics will be successfully passed.
For respect 25% portion of GK, any book of gk is sufficient.

I had qualified for the said post & was recommended by SPSC.
Hello Peaceful Loin!

I intend to apply for the post of Statistical Officer, recently announced by SPSC through Ad No. 03/2017. Is the book "Statistics" (taught in B.Com syllabus) enough for the topics mentioned by you.

Timely reply will encourage, please.
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