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Default my interview on 10th january

Aoa my interview was on 10 th January at almost 12.30 being the 6th member of the group .now lets go straight with the details
On being given permission to enter the room I started with the cliché assalamoalaikum and asked for the permission to take the seat .G.S smiled and ordered me to take the seat.
My introduction was a bit embellished with difficult words so general sahib asked me from where I got it prepared.
My rejoinder was that no formal preparation but informally these points were in my mnemonic flash screen because I wrote them in my psychological and planned them.he asked me about riding a hobby that I mentioned in my first form and I later on changed it I replied to his question my answer was the other way round
The questions were about water scarcity to which I fair well in about 5 minutes.
Next came asean but as I tried to explain it GS giving me a smile said I know that you know about it talk about Pakistan s relation with asean .to which I talked abot Saikarnos time terming aggression against Pakistan as an attack on Indonesia later alienations between eastern neighbors and Pakistan because of our pro western approach,dismal trade between asean and Pakistan. low cultural and social contacts.
Now came the hot question about how can we increase trade with asean to which I tried to put all the eggs in the basket of textile GS said make an other guess as they the have got a lot of textile I cherubically smiling admitted my smattering over the issue and said that I read the figures in the newspaper without delving into details
GS smiled and opened my group of preference and said that that is well because a policemen need not to go into details. here I said that I was extremely sorry and would try to go into details in future.
At this point in time sadiqque sahib asked from one of my sentence in psychological referring to my pets, trade blocks in which Pakistan has the membership,Georgia Russia conflict and why I had used the words resurgence of ussr instead of Russia to which my reply was because of its extreme significance and then I proved my point,about putin and medvediv,the locus of power in Russia,Eco and its members,all parties conference and in past history about similar events to which I pointed about junejos tenure,my favourite personality aung san suu kyi and ibne insha
Last but not the least were bukhari sahib he asked me about technological folkways a word I used in my psychological I explained the term .he asked me what for I had left the job of an engineer getting a lucrative pay along with perks and perquisites .to which I pointed toward the reality and wish to sacrifice my life for my country at this hour of exigency .that was fine but I don’t know why I got sentimental over it and tears appeared in my eyes and from a smiling face my face turned into a extremely sad one and so started my doomsday(what I feel).next was iraq current scenario in which while mentioning inter sectarian conflict I further got upset.bukhari sahib asked me how I can change the present trends to which I gave an incidence from my current posting as assistant director fuel and administrative incharege of planning commission Islamabad to which I quoted an example from Hazrat Ali(R.A) sagacious life
As a bolt from the blue came the question from general sahib that have I got some personality contradiction
I reneged the charged and asked for the reason why sir felt like it
He said that in psychological I mentioned that I do not offer prayers regularly while now I am talking about the excerpts from life of hazrat ali(R.A)
I said that I wrote what was true in my psychological as I donot offer prayers 5 times a day but pray 3 times a day
General sahib said that you know praying five times a day is farz
I said that yes sir I also know it but still able to offer 3 times.
General sahib asked me do I realize it I said yes sir. With a stern looking face he thanked me I also thanked him and told him with a sad face that it was an pleasure to be interviewed by such a prestigious panel.the duration of my interview was almost of 38 minutes.
I request all my forum mates to feel free to comment on it
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