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I m just posting the questions of my interview:

Chairman. Introduction.

Chairman. Russia is an emerging economic and military power. How is that going to affect the world in general and Pakistan in particular?

Chairman. Do u know about Russia's Warm Water Policy?

Member 1. Can National Security Council be justified in our constitution?

Member 1. You have served in Sindh. There is a talk of "sense of deprivation" in Sindh. Is it perceived or real?

Chairman. Has leadership from Sindh done anything for the solution of problems that you have mentioned?

Member 1. You have suggested that the list of recommended books should be updated. What are your suggestion?

Member 1. Your fav personality is Mandela. Why do u like him?

Member 1. Can you compare him with Martin Luther King Jr?

He asked me a few questions regarding my department and why i intend to pursue career in the civil servive. Then It was the turn of member 2.

Member 2. What is Pak's no.1 problem?

Chairman. Is militancy and terrorism in Pakistan connected with present economic crisis in the country?

Chairman. What do u suggest for the eradication of militancy from FATA?

Chairman. Flight of capital has occured recently. Do u blame the present govt for it?

Member 2. How is the election of Obama as US president going to affect the world and Pakistan?

Member 2. What are the causes of inflation in Pakistan?

Member 2. How can we promote savings in the country?

Member 2. What is meant by the term CARS?

Member 2. Tell us about the energy crisis of Pakistan?

Chairman. Ok Waheed, you may go.
Waheed Anwar Abro
Customs & Excise
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