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These phenomena, however, are merely premonitions of a coming storm, which is likely to sweep over the whole of India and the rest of Asia. This is the inevitable outcome of a wholly political civilization, which has looked upon man as a thing to be exploited and not as a personality to be developed and enlarged by purely cultural forces. The people of Asia are bound to rise against the acquisitive economy which the West have developed and imposed on the nations of the East. Asia cannot comprehend modern Western capitalism with its undisciplined individualism. The faith, which you represent, recognizes the worth of the individual, and disciplines him to give away all to the service of God and man. Its possibilities are not yet exhausted. It can still create a new world where the social rank of man is not determined by his caste or colour or the amount of dividend he earns, but by the kind of life he lives, where the poor tax the rich, where human society is founded not on the equality of stomachs but on the equality of spirits, where an untouchable can marry the daughter of the king, where private ownership is a trust and where capital cannot be allowed to accumulate so as to dominate that real producer of wealth. This superb idealism of your faith, however, needs emancipation from the medieval fancies of theologians and logists? Spiritually, we are living in a prison house of thoughts and emotions, which during the course of centuries we have woven round ourselves. And be it further said to the shame of us—men of older generation—that we have failed to equip the younger generation for the economic, political and even religious crisis that the present age is likely to bring. The while community needs a complete overhauling of its present mentality in order that it may again become capable of feeling the urge of fresh desires and ideals. The Indian Muslim has long ceased to explore the depths of his own inner life. The result is that he has ceased to live in the full glow and colour of life, and is consequently in danger of an unmanly compromise with force, which he is made to think he cannot vanquish in open conflict. He who desires to change an unfavourable environment must undergo a complete transformation of his inner being. God changes not the condition of a people until they themselves take the initiative to change their condition by constantly illuminating the zone of their daily activity in the light of a definite ideal. Nothing can be achieved without a firm faith in the independence of one’s own inner life. This faith alone keeps a people’s eye fixed on their goal and save them from perpetual vacillation. The lesson that past experiences has brought to you must be taken to heart. Expect nothing form any side. Concentrate your whole ego on yourself alone and ripen your clay into real manhood if you wish to see your aspiration realized.


i. What is the chief characteristic of the modern political civilization? (4)
ii. What are possibilities of our Faith, which can be of advantage to the world? (4)
iii. What is the chief danger confronting the superb idealism of our Faith? (4)
iv. Why is the Indian Muslim in danger of coming to an unmanly compromise with the Forces opposing him? (4)
v. What is necessary for an achievement? (2)
vi. Explain the expression as highlighted/under lined in the passage. (5)
vii. Suggest an appropriate title to the passage. (2)

a)The main characteristics of political civilization is that human being is adventurous creature and not a personality judge by purely cultural forces.

b)Man is not distinguished by his colour,cast and creed but judge by his equality of spirit are the possibilities of our faith which can have benefit to the world.

c)The chief danger to our faith is that we are still surrounded by the old thoughts and emotions.

d)The Indian Muslim has to face the danger of coming to an unmanly compromise with the force opposing him because of loose heart.

e) Achievement is possible by having strong belief in faith,sense of determination and never loosing hope in any situation.

f) Determination and strong belief is the key to success
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