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Exclamation my intervw css-2008

salam dear friends

I hope that all members will comment..... SPECIALLY THE SENIORS.....QUALIFIERS....AND CSP'S...Thanks

my interview.
my psychological intvw was abt 45 mints... very comprehensive nd detail one. i think thy asked me question abt each and very aspect of my life....
final intervw was for abt 40 mints.
like javairia i was alsso the 1st one early n the morning when time waznt changed the is on 29th occtober.
gen. asked me to introduce ur self an i introduced my self in detail for abt 2 or 3 mints .....then came some qustions regarding family from my introduction..

s i did LLB so gen asked me abt lawyers movement.... which i supported with argumentations in detail and uphold tht the main issue is the indepedence of judiciaary which is v imp for every state and especially for a federation.....i was very fine bt at last chairman asked me that do u think that judiciary is independet now? i got v cnfussed what to answer now.... bt from me come out YES judic is independent..... wht u ppl think abt this ansswer ?
then chairman asked me that u also a POET? i said yes....
ch; what is ur standerd of poetry
me; normal sir
ch;if i ask u to write a poem on this intrviw in 15 mints can u?
me;sir i write in pushtho
ch;we dont know pushto cn u write in urdu?
me;a bit difficult bt i will try.

ch; what are tha main disputes bw pak and india?
me. kashmir disput.siachen,sir creek
ch;what is sir creek.......and the discusssd it with me in detail for abt 6 or 7 mintss... thanx God i was good here.
then memebr asked me a term from conomiccss which i never heard so staightforwrdly i said sorry sir i dont know
then he asked me some pple r n favour and some are against IMF loan why? whtss ur point of view..... i already prepared for that and discusd it with detail nd finally said that ve need to take loan from imf.
then other member asked me that lyestrdy gen kiyane discussd abt GHQ... have u watcchd TV? i said no sir... member; ok then leave it/
mem; u ve written in psych that cchecck on invisilators..... have u seen any thing... y u wrote it?

me.. sir it will improve the standerd and yes there were two invisilators in our hall who were not fair favouring sme candidats.
mem; in objective or subjective?
me; sir mostly in objecctive.
memb; ccan u point out any one paper?
me; almost all papers hv one obj questn bt i everyday scince is v imp bcz of 50 marks objectve.....the he discussd abt exam hall conditions... candidtes sitting etc...
then he asked me abt indepndence of judiciary which i disscusd n detail again very good.
i mentiond in psych tests abt my love.... the chairman disccusd it and asked some questios i dnt want to hare here.
at the end chirman said ok thank u and best of luck for ur next love.... i dontt know why he said thiss and what does it mean....

thats all.
plz remark must.... how itt was on my part? good...bad...normal?
Islah G..
Life is a tale told by an idiot...

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