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Islamic Studies MCQs CSS-2018

1.Prayer for lunar eclipse:

2.During Ghazwa Ahzab (Khandaq) how many soldiers of Kufar fought the battle:

3.Heads of Zakat mentioned in Surah:

4.Hijrat is mentioned in Surah:

5.Quba is distant from Mecca:

6.Nabbi means:

7.Spoken son of prophet (PBUH):

8.Al-at Qan fi Aloom al Quran is written by:

9.Qureshi Katab e Wahi:

10.Hadith e Mashhoor consists of chain of citings by number of people:

11.Masaharatt means:

12.Name of Shah Walli Allah:

13.Khatam al Nabien is mentioned in Surah:

14.Heading of editing of Quran Committee:

15.Norsi was was movement in which country:

16.Fasatat al Quran is other name of Surah:

17.After demise of Hajrat Khadija (SA) with whom Prophet (PBUH) married:

18.How suggested treatment of chicken pox:

19.Hazrat Moses and Hazrat Shoib’s relation:

20.Hazrat Uthman (RA) was assassinated in year (A.H):

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