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i entered the room wid a brillaint smile on ma face.
general sahab: aslamlekum amna
me: walaikum salam sir, how are you?
general sahab: i am fine, n u?
me: sir my master has been very kind today.
general sahab: so tell us something about urself.
me: i am amna shabbir chaudhry, a readily hardworking and a steadily goal oriented woman ov 22... have recently done ..... (my introduction started like this)
then at one point i said that for css i have a clear 5P agenda.
general sahab: (smiling) and can v know wut the 5P agenda is?
Me: definitely sir! and i explained.
general sahab: nice one amna.
then i got on and told em about ma upcoming book ov poetry.
genral sahab: so shud v hope to get a copy ov it?
me: definitley sir, my pleasure infact an honour for me
rizivi sahab: wuts da name ov ur book and which language u write in.
me: the name ov ma book is "khashmageen rukh-e-mah" and it contains both ma english and urdu poetic pieces.
rizivi sahab" nice name. so u have written in ur form that u know only two languages.
me: yes sir i know english and urdu and wut I know i know very well. mashallah. but yes i can understand punjabi quite well
rizvi sahab: so y dint u mention. u wud have marked sumfin in read write and speak columns ov the form.
me: sir i said i can only "understand" and understand column is not available.
rizivi sahab: smiling, so lady shall v add another column ov understanding in language box as well
me: yes sir that wud be a nice idea.
rizvi sahab: smilied and so did i
general sahab: very impressive credentials amna, now lets c how u fair these questions.
me: sir, i ll try my level best to come up to ur expectations.
general sahab: two most complicated global issues posing threat to world peace.
me: (thinkin for sometime) sir, russo-georgia conflict and gwot
and i carried on for 1 or 2 minutes.
general sahab: 1 unique solution for gwot
me: (pausing for about 30 seconds to think) an international body shud b constituted
general sahib: there are already so many bodies like bipartite, tripartite etc so…
me: sir , kindly give me a chance to make ma point.
Me: I suggest a body comprising sociologists, psychologists, intelligentsia, researchers and analysts and celebraties and politicians ov high standin having a “definite say in the masses. As Andrew macks argues in his book “why big nations lose small battles” that big nations fail to counter small insurgencies becuz they fail to understand the psychology and sociology ov the community.
General sahib: hmmm gud
Genral sahib: but u said politicians ov high standin and say in u think zardari and karzai are one ov em
Me: sir definitely mr. zardari is one ov them but hamid karzai iz a only a puppet installed there wid no public say.
General shab: comment on war on terrorism
Me: a pre-emptive war.
Then general shab refered me to rizvi sahib.
Rizvi sahib: y hamid mir is one ov ur favourite peorsnalities.
Me: I xplained
Rizvi sahib: u have written that u r figuring sum developments in middle east scenario. wut is it?
Me: sir the territorial retreat that is for the first time being pondered by Israeli leaders is very important. Then I talked a bit about Syria and hugo Chavez and stuff.
ME: I continued with mentionin an animated film made by an Israeli director “waltz with basher” that showz regret on part ov Israelis about the 1962 war and that film has got lot ov popularity in kids.(luckily I got to read its review in dawn on the very morning ov ma interview and I tried to utilize that)
( I think he seemed pleased)
Rizvi sahib: so shall v recognize Israel?
Me: I believe that we definitely shud. As hennery kessinger says that this era is ov politics ov vision. Where circumstances are more important rather than ideologies. And v r a smart nation. V do not show reactions rather v generate proactive reponses. Hence we definitely shud recognize it
But not without convincing our masses. We first have to diffuse this innovative idea among masses so that a national consensus is built up regardin this issue.otherwise this may prove detrimental
Rizvi shab: so wut will u say to convince the masses
Me: 1. By establishin diplomatic relations we will b in a better position to intermediate and solve the problem in official capacity. 2. In the backdrop ov indo-israel relations it is necessary for us plus v cannot afford foes.
Rizvi shab: and that wen Saudi Arabia has kind ov recognized them y not us.
Me: yes sir, I was about to say that. And I think it is much better a suggestion
Rizvi sahib: ok amna thank you
Me: thankyou sir.
I was about to stand up when general shab said
General sahab: u have left two blanks empty in ur psychological performa
Me: sir I do not remember.
General shab: I will tell u and u have to fill em.
Me: yes sir.
General shab: my parents disapproved ov my ------- and I felt unpopular------
Me: sir can I say two lines in ma xplanation
General shab: no ! first fill em up.
Me : ok.. and I paused for thinkin then I said
My parents disapproved ov ma ..errr……ummm… CATS!!! (ah relief!)
Genral shaba: very diplomatic! (smiling)
Me: I felt unpopular..err…umm.. never!
General sahib: hmm gud one
I smiled said thanx and was about to leave wen general shab said:
U were about to say 2 lines in ur explanation!
I immediately remembered and said: sir, I believe that every one synchronizes in the light ov his/her past experiences. As my parents have neva disapproved anything ov mine so I left it blank. However, if I were only to fill vocabulary I have quite a stock ov it. But I wanted to b honest.
General shab. Hmm gud.. we will inform u in due course.

i request seniors, qualifiers and else bodies to ...kindly...go thorugh ma interview and comment. especially last island, maneka, islah g, frankestein ov css, shah sahab, afrms, naqeebullah sahab and all other respected friends.

thanking u in anticipation.

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