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Originally Posted by Perfectionist View Post
Want to ask same question. Please can you write its introduction and conclusion? Attempting such a long essay for me seems to be impossible. I will be more than thankful if you could elaborate Mam Anum Zahra.
Other things I have explained above. About conclusion and introduction, it is impossible for me to write them now. I wrote that essay more than a year ago and that too in examination hall. Also, I wrote this essay in the examination hall without any prior preparation or knowledge. This was the only essay on which it was possible for me to write. I started writing paragraphs by leaving 5-6 pages blank. I wrote introduction and outline at the end. All paragraphs were written in a simplest possible language. Just 4 to 5 sentences. Each paragraph had a introductory sentence and a concluding sentence. Body had 2-3 supporting sentences. Introduction was like executive summary that usually business students write in their projects and reports. I basically wrote summary of my entire essay in it. In conclusion I wrote that why it is absolutely necessary to get rid of colonial mentality. I also elaborated that what further consequences it can bring if we do not get rid of it.
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