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Default my not-so-satisfactory interview :(

salam all the respected interview was on 28th jan.plz i am keen to be rated in terms of performance by all the members.
i entered the room and after exchanging greetings gen saab told me to sit down.then he said introduce urself. i gave a brief intro mentioning my name and education and my hobbies(not all of the ones tht i wrote).he said so something more..anymore hobbies...i mentioned one other..said sit back and relax(not a v gud impression apparently though i wasnt nervous at all) then he read from my psycho and said wat abt these..i said yes these too are my hobbies.then he said wat abt ur family..i mentioned some details..more questions...y u live here wen ur edu is from lhr...abt my hubby's job...he's working in karachi n u here...i made one mistake i think..i wrote in my psycho abt his job in isb..but he's joined a new one in karachi n i didnt explain this to think it says tht i ve some contradiction or something to hide ???
gen:ok so these were some details we needed to know abt u know abt the situation in fata?wat r the laws governing n wat shud they be replaced with?i told n said shud be replaced with anything tht restores stability for short time(sharia or jirga wateva) and as a longer term solution fata shud be given the status of province and brought under pakistani law.but u need to do it incrementally. then some talk abt dividing pakistan into more provinces.i made some blunders like saying it wud solve the problem of punjab's dominance(which he said wudnt)then i didn possess enuff info on etnic configuration of other provinces so blundered more than once like saying make pata one province,anyways he argued for quite a time on this and i said u can always negotiate the technicalities with all the stakeholders involved(in other words y u expecting them from me ) wel he suppressed his smile but still tell(god! ll he talk abt something else ).then to bokhari saab.comment on the situation in iraq.i talked abt the surge strategy of petraeus and tht its only a cosmetic measure and tht tactics like anbar awakening rnt gona solve the probs unless ethnic balance is restored n all stakeholders given their due share in decision making.then he asked abt my opinion on nab.i said think it shud be abolished and a new and transparent body set up.he asked if we overhaul it.i said fine then do it very extensively and change the name coz i think the v name of it associated with victimization now.then asked abt provincial auto. bill by mqm n i said i agree with their proposal n gave the eg of spain as a model of auton. then abt agri tax.i said i think it shud be imposed.asked u know abt the argument given by those who oppose no not actually but i think the landed class is going to resent it. then wat abt energy crisis.i talked abt circular debt n tht i think govt shuld ve more control over public services n shuldnt let itself be blackmailed by IPPs to buy elect. on inflated rates n we shuld concentrate on building non-controversial dams n hydroprojects. memeber ok u can go.gen saab thank u. please seniors n everyone comment on my performance n the quality of my answers. am not very hopeful P.S. interview lasted for 30 mins.
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