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Default National Educational Policy 2009

Aim of Policy
“Our education system must provide quality education to our children and youth to enable them to realize their individual potential and contribute to development of society and nation, creating a sense of Pakistani nationhood, the concepts of tolerance, social justice, democracy, their regional and local culture and history based on the basic ideology enunciated in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

Policy Features
1 • Uniformity in Education
2 • Globalization: Global demands, Sustainability,
3 • Social Cohesion
4 • Bridging Public Private Gap
5 • Overcoming Structural Division
6 • Management and Planning Capacity: National Standards and Certification Agency for Education Management and Information System (EMIS).
7 • Islamic Education
8 • Early Childhood Education
9 • Elementary Education: bring all children from 6 to 10 years in elementary schools by 2015
10 • Secondary and Higher Education
11 • Literacy and Formal Education: 85% Literacy by 2015
12 • Emergency Education
13 • Improving Quality of Education: Curriculum Revision, Textbook improvement
14 • Improving Teacher Quality: Pre-service training and standardization of qualifications,
• Bachelor’s degree, with a B.Ed. for teaching at the elementary level.
• A Masters level for the secondary and higher secondary with a B.Ed. shall be ensured by 2018
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