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I didn't write the way forward due to lack of time.i focused too much on emerging power or impact of Social media then wrote prospects and hurdles n then conclusion.I think I should have presented solutions but I focused too much on the emergence of powerful social media and I wrote 1.5 outline and 20 pages essay.i mentioned each source of social media like fb Twitter insta Snapchat Skype YouTube separately I wrote about Trump's tweets and erdogans Skype calls during coup and I wrote about high profile murders and live killing n suicides on social media and also how it all started in the first decade of 21st first 10 years of this century produced social media and why.what changes caused it.i wrote about how Mark Zuckerberg started a network to connect wd his Harvard fellows and it ended up in billion I wrote it's history because I thought if it's about emergence then it should tell how it emerged keeping in view it's power factor.i wrote so much.
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