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Here is the detail of my interview.Comments are requested.

Me:Sir, may i come in?
Gen sb. Aaiay kashif sb., please sit down.
I sat down and relaxed.
Gen sb: we start with ur intro
ME:I introduced myself, giving my family background, about my spouse and my father.Myacademic background and co corricular.
Gen. sb asked two or three personal questins and congratulated meon my marriage.
Gen sb. What are the indicators of water crisis in pakistan?
ME:Sir, low production of wheat crop, lands becoming baren in interior sind and southern punjab.
Gen sb:Wo tou pehlay say hi aesay hain.
Me:But sir , this phenomenon is increasing.Even india is building dams on our rivers and there is decreased river flow.
Gen sb:But IWT is about the design and height of dam, india has the right to use it for irrigation.
Me:But sir, river flow should be above 50k cusecs per day but we are receiving 20k plus.
Gen sb. But the world does not believe in u, u don,t have the credibility.
Me:sir, in my opinion world believes in us ,they have acknowledged our efforts in WOT and our stance after mumbai attacks.yes, there is a little bit of credibilty crisis internally and that is due to our internal situation.
Gen. sb. Ok Ok, smilingly: What should we do to counter this scarcity of water?
Me:sir by demand management and supply management
Gen sb:What is demand management?
Me:Sir,bricklining canals.....
Gen sb:But it is supply management.
Metrying to cover up)Sir actually both of these are interalated.sir, new methods of irrigation in place of flood irrigation i.e. drip irrigation etc
Gen sb. supply management?
Me:Sir , by bricklining, building of new reservoirs as we are already building diamir bhasha and if there is consensus we must built KBD too. Bhal safai kay baray mein kaya khayal hai?
Me:yes sir, it is also a good one.
Gen sb. Laikin Bhal safai kay liay paisay allocat ho jatay hain laikin hoti nahi hai.Main nay khud dekha hai lahore wali canal ko.
Me: But sir i have observed differently,even we did it ourselves when we were at school.
Gen sb. Ok, by melting glaciers?
Me:Sir, it will increase water flow but it will endanger the ecological balance and natural process.It is one of the implications of global warming.
Gen sb. Phir tou global warming achi na hui? Pani ziada ho jay ga.
Me: But sir sea levels would rise, fertile lands would be converted into baren lands.

Gen sb:Global warming is not dangerous, what wil happen if some bears will die.
ME:Sir, it will disturb the whole ecosystems, hydrocycle will be disturbed and human life too.There will be more evaporation and loss of water.
Gen sb:So, more clouds will be formed and the water will come back by hydrocycle.And, clouds will stop sunlight from coming to earth surface and it will not heat up.
ME:But sir, sunlight is really essential for living beings.And if there are frequent clouds and a particular crop does not need water , it will be affected by that rain.Global warming is actually dangerous for many ecosystems too.It is a danger sir.
Gen sb:Ok(smilingly).....Thanks
Rizvi sb:Any benefits from devolution plan?Should it be retained?
ME:Sir, the motives behind this system were realyy good...Representation of the people in the affairs of local level.It is a good system but needs improvements.
Rizvi Sb:But previous local bodies were also meant for that.
ME: But sir, democratic govts used to appoint administrators during their tenures.It is for the first time that financial and administrative powers have been devolved at the distt.level.
Rizvi sb:Are there feudals in your area or middle calss people who have been elected?
ME:Sir, middle class people have been there;even a donkey cart owner ia elected on a labourer seat.
Rizvi Sb:Ok......What are two main problmes of pakistan?
ME:Sir, militancy and extremism
Rizvi sb: Is this one or two problems?
ME:Sir , actually these are interrelated and complex and degenrate into terrorism ,these may be said one .
Rizvi sb:Ok..and other one?
Me :Sir, feudalism
Rizvi sb: Ok, you start from feudalism and give solution for each of them.
ME:Sir, for feudalism, simply educate the people in rural areas so that they have awareness and don,t let the feudals to go to the assemblies beacuse they make policies for themselves.It is a long term solution and for short term, simply, do as india did ...set the uppermost ceiling and take all the other land from them.
Rizvi sb:Ok...Keeping in view the ground relities, suggest the solution of kashmir issue and what about pakistan kashmir policy.
ME:Sir, pakistan's policy has not been continuous.We stressed on UN resolution and then showed our cards through president pervez musharaf before coming to the table.We must start from our utmost stance and come to the negotiating table and then through give and take , should have a solution which accomodates the wished of three stake holders.
At this Rizvi sb looked towards Gen sb and said thank you... and Gen sb too said thank you.I left the seat and said thank you , and left the room.It was almost 25 minutes.

Now comments plz.

@Amna, you did really well.M impressed.Frankenstein too recovered very well and did well.Best of luck for all of you.

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