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Originally Posted by ADIL KHESHGI View Post
Well, I'll not be sharing the info you're asking for. And it's just okay that you're judgemental, I don't give a damn.Secondly, whatever I'm posting is just because the credibility of this test has been lost owing to the following facts:1. Change in the eligibility criteria;2. Leakage of the paper, via social media, by the delinquent candidates to their aides........3. Malfunctioning of the machines tasked with checking of papers and awards of numbers.Therefore, just for the love of due process and credibility, the KPPSC should have cancelled that test at once, instead, it's been playing with the result. The PSC which should be a credible and sacred institution just couldn't conduct a simple ability test? Then what about those putting their noses to the grindstone with an illusion that merit would sustain? These Public Service Commissions may be a fraud but that's the only hope of the poor, less-privileged and marginalised lot amongst the highly educated........ Yes! I'm fed up, fed up not because I'm lame or I couldn't stand the competition but the way our public institutions are behaving. I'm a taxpayer and son of this very soil, that's why I've a right to ask these institutions about their efficiency. Just drop a message at my email address if you want to know about the things that has compelled me to share my mind with the forum members. For me, failure is just a routine thing as I've always been on the left-side of histor. Respect!
Actually it was a humble query rather than me being judgemental... Please enlighten me with the facts there as i am going to drop a message at your email address...
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