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Originally Posted by Abdullah Vinjhar View Post
I want to know the best english teacher in Karachi,for css prepration..plz seniors suggest me any.waiting for your reply.thanks in advance
Hope that everyone of you will be fine. Being a css aspirant, i went through these pages last year to look for English Essay teacher in Karachi as I needed a teacher who could check my Essay & guide me where I needed help. In this regard, I approached few teachers. My experiences with them are as follows. I am sharing my experiences here for the purpose of information so that you could choose your teacher wisely & according to your requirement.
1. First of all, I met with Sir, Yusuf Pathan, ageing more than 80 years at his home. He had a nice library of his own containing books on various topics. He gave me 10 minutes to write a few words on any topic so that he could assess my english expression. When i finished, he checked it & told me about the mistakes. After all this, I found him to be well-versed in rules of english grammar alongwith having sound general knowledge. Moreover, his fees was only 7000 for 1x student & 8000 if 2x students studied collectively at one time. The only shortcomings were that he was too slow owing to his growing age & other one; he used to talk too much which wasted too much time (since i had only 1 month left in exams hence i needed someone who could help me in this limited timeframe). Overall, I found him to be a good teacher as far as correcting english expression is concerned.
2. The second teacher that I approached was Sir Ramchand, living at Ibrahim terrace. He was around 70 years of age but had more active mind than Sir Yusuf. He did the same practice & asked me to write a few words on a given topic. On finishing the draft, he asked me to read it. I read a few sentences but he said that you have written a wrong introduction &
without checking rest of the draft, he said to me that you need help. He told me that he would take 15,000 rupees for teaching me Essay & Precis. So far so good, but when I started studying from him, I found out that he might be sound in english grammar & composition but he did not know much about writting English essay; and especially the quality of content that you need to produce for this competitive exam. Whenever I discussed any topic of Essay with him, I found him to be having no knowledge about it but he insisted on writing his mediocre & illogical points in my Essay or else he wouldn't check my essay. Once I wrote an essay & took to him for assessment. On returning it, he told me that you haven't written a single point of mine & hence gave me 25 out 100. I asked him to at least check my grammar but he did not even read the full essay & just gave me 25 because I did not write his points. Moreover, he always tried to not tell me anything extra as he wanted me to study at least 1x year from him, only then he will teach me properly; otherwise he would tell me only limited things. Seeing all this in the context of my upcoming exam after a month, I left after a week without getting my fee reimbursed.
3.After the exam, I have joined another teacher. Soon I will share my experience with him.
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