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Post Getting Transparent About The Purpose Of Life.

Each living homo sapien is consisted of a trinity of body, mind and soul. Whom God has instructed to live personal life with the consideration of these three components of the trinity in an appropriate proportion to one another. Body, mind, and soul of homo sapiens compose their life, while the way a man cares for this trinity gives meaning and purpose to personal life.

"Meaning of Life" simply means the way a person implements personal life towards an objective or a destination. However the "Purpose of Life" simply means an objective or a destination towards which a person implements personal life.

Meaning of life is a triple-faced phenomenon. I.e

1. The meaning of personal life to people in society
2. The meaning of personal life to one's own self, and
3. The meaning of personal life to God.

The meaning of personal life to people in society is the way how people see your life. For example, the way people trust you because of your sincerity, the services and benefits people avail because of your skills, the collaboration people experience during living with you, and the kindness people recieve because of your compassionate character etc.

The meaning of personal life to one's own self include the way you examine and manage your life, the tactics you use to deal with negativity and despair in life, the way you overcome your fears, and the moves you make to build self-esteem in life etc.

In case of God, God has no purpose from your life. He is the Supreme Lord. The one without need of anything. However what God has to do with your life is His observance of the meaning and value you give to your life. Just to see how you spend your life and make it purposefull or purposeless. And accordingly you will be treated afterwards by God. That's "A Definite Glory Of God".

Distinctly, the phrase " Purpose of Life" is of an objectivity nature. Moreover the purpose of life is of dual sorts. One is " The Earthly Purpose of Life" which is mostly related to physical and mental well-being , and second is " The Heavenly Purpose of Life" which is related to both physical and mental as well as spiritual well-being of a person.

The earthly purpose of life is what a person wants out of life on earth. For example, the attention and recognition you get in personal life. the happiness you extract from life, , the success you chase in life, and the peace of mind you pursue in life etc.

While the heavenly purpose of life stirrs the soul of a person. Which may include your commitment to serve God and humanity, the obedience you show to God, the humbleness you demonstrate before God, the patience and gratitude you practice in life, the tranquillity-justice-and-balance you cultivate in life through love for yourself and others, and the objectivity of living on the ideals of life and avoiding sins etc.

Nevertheless the meaning and purpose of personal life is mostly ambiguous among humanity. The actual meaning and the actual purpose of life is not clear to most of the humanity beside the pursuit of comfort and balance at personal level in life. Plus there are people who spend their lives generally pointlessly.

Most people aim to live just to earn livelihood, meeting their basic necessities of life and striving for relief, comfort and balance at personal level in life. Living on a lawfull earning is although understandable. However it would be a kind of a static and sluggish life when living only the earthly purpose of life, neither the meaning nor the heavenly purpose of life.

Likewise there is another faction of people who struggle hard in life with a focus on availing power and prestige of a luxurious life. This group of people also live the earthly purpose of life, and might claim radiating their services to others as well----all intended to cultivate comfort and balance in personal life zone however.

Also there is a third faction of people who genuinely dedicate their lives to serve others when opting for a humane public-interest profession in Life. This faction of people strive for comfort and balance in life but more importantly at the public level than at personal level. Where they personally believe that provding services to other people is a source of prosperity and give purpose to life, although some sort of.

Earning, name, fame etc come to these people naturally. These people know that the lust for more-and-more holdings in life is what keep them fixed in the physical sphere of life and aloof from mental well-being ( when they will get an obsession of physical holdings) as well as deprived of a healthy soul. Instead they prefer replacing the intended lust with inner positivity which develops collectedness and balance in life both at personal and public levels. Preferring inner happiness over the desire for more and more holdings provide a scheme for everyday life to live accordingly and sets a person on a track towards a sort of meaningfull, and purposefull life.

However just making earnings , serving others and preferring positivity can not satisfy the complete meaning and complete purpose of life. The meaning and purpose of life is a broad concept as shortly detailed above and can't rely on the earning of someone, serving of others or inner positivity merely.

Moerover, meaningfulness and purposefulness in life are divinely intertlinked features of life. A living homo sapien can not get on the track of a purposefull life unless and until he develops some sort of divinity in the course of personal life. These are his thoughts, words and actions that has a role in determining the course of his life. And personal thoughts, words and actions can become divine and concievable to shape the course of personal life only when the living homo sapien will embrace all (in addition to here earliear shortly discussed) fundamental principles of the meaning and purpose of life thoroughly.

Finally, alone the purpose of life is unachievable unless and until the principles of the meaning of life are understood and embraced first which then leads to make life fairly purposefull.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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