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dear member assalam o alaikum

hope all of u wd b in best of spirits,,,,,,i hav appeared in css 2008 interview..

my interview was on 20th dec 2008,,,,the overall atmosphere of intw was quite friendly although some time i felt the panel a bit cold and indifferent, but at the end i assumed it as one of the formalities of the interview...whatever i can recall of my intervw is as centre was islamabad nd i m from nwfp,,,the duration of the intw was nearly 35 minutes..

chairman..,.1 hr u gentleman..
2 introduce urself
3 what about ur present engagements
4 wd u plz tell us about ur hobbies
5 please tell us about eminent victorain novelists(i went in detail)
6 tell us about negative n positivs of net use
7 what are the security issues of pakistan...
8 what about indo israel romance for pakistan
9 the us foreign policy in present and future for pakistan

ist member

1 y did u write in psy test"he was punished in school for elopement?

2 ok u suggested that fpsc should recruit not on npopulation but literacy base,,,please argue

3 what do u know about us india nuclear deal?

4 at what stage in our history our relations with ussr went bitterest?(U2)

5 pukhtoonkhwa name is used in nwfp offices,,is it constitutional at this stage?

6 what do u know about the nexus the gwadar port will make?

7 ur name is all alone (amusingly),,,,ur comments

3rd member

1 gender equality bill is passed,,,,ur reservations or otherwise?

2 y palestine issue is pending even israel nothing in size before arabs?

3 u failed in english intwo earlier attempts though student of english lit,,,is smthing wrong with fpsc r papers?

4 some other such questions were asked i cannot recall,,,,my answers were almost moderate with underpinnings of roll number 0090

after formal introductory answers i went through as follow

the security issues of pakistan include facing open confrontation on western border by nato forces, on eastern side india is flexing her mustles to wage war...we are internally weaked by extremiosm and ongoing operations....israel is our idealogical rival keeping hawk's eye on our nuclear assets

i told about eminent victorian novelists including hardy, dickens, thackery, george eliot,,,their works, themes and inspirations.....

i told about my hobbies which was book reading especially novels.... chairman askd some novels apart from urdu and eng lit,,,i could nt recal and i defended by saying that as i read them for fun n hobby and there was not any academic compulsion.

thhen chairman askd about the advantages of net.... i told from digital library to online banking,,almost all advantages were communication related...the disadvantages i told the cultural shocks bcz of global sites, time waste, immoral sites etcetc

the membr askd about the us india nuclear deal...its history...i told its origin from eisenhwer period when atom for peace slogan started till 1970 to 2004...its apparent purposes to help india to meet energy needs and to help american nuclear (civil) industry,,,,hidden purposes to stop flow of oil to great bulk of india, to punish iran by stopping ipi gas pipeline and most importantly to contain china.....he askd implications and i told it would b a great setback to non proliferation efforts, pakistan wd take it discrimiatory,and iran and other states like korea wd follow as a precedent

about pukhtoonkhwa i openly said it is unconstitutional to use untill passed by parliament,,,,(i think i was wrong bcz it was through a resolution)...

he asked y ur name is alone "nazakat",,,i amusingly said sir every name is alone the others are addition,,,amy identity u is always nazakat, althugh i use nazakat awan to avoid embarrasmen smtime bt i feel at home with my name

there were sm answers of the questions i wrote in psychological which may nt b of any use for forum members,,,,

he askd at which moment our relations with ussr went bitterest,,,,,i said whn pakistan signed seato and cento,,,he said but one another event in history is famous,,,he helped me and said its U2 incident whn american spyplane flew from badhber peshawar over USSR,,,i instantly recalled and said right sir whn moscow had said that we hav encircled peshawar with red ink and our general said we hav encircled moscow with red ink,,,(Big boast by Ayub khan)... the member smiled back and nodded his head in positive

the third member asked about the gender equality bill and i substantiated my answer with the arguments that if we are muslims then we need to give rights to women and its a positive sign...i said we r more bound by culture than influenced by religion and its our utmost duty nt only to pass bills bt to implement them,,,,i said "i disagree" women are equal bt they are human beings different to men bt equal on spiritual plane,,,,,

the member askd me y palestine issue is still unresolved,,,,i said one reason is disunity of muslims especially arabs,,,thry are fighting over petty issues and vested interests,,,
secondly america is backing up israel,,,,arabs once fought in 1967 bt lost gaza and west bank as well,,, i said there may b snm other reasons bt these two factors are the most restive stumbling blocks.....

the member askd u failed in compulsory earlier ,,is there smthng wrong with fpsc r paper,,i plainly said . sir there may b smthng wrong with my paper,,,,

there were sm other questions i always forget,,,if i recal i wd post,,,,

i need valuable comments of the forum members, i m afraid they asked me quite straightforward questions,,, does it make any difference????

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