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Post Recommended Books for CSS subjects:

Originally Posted by Ibn e Nasrullah View Post
Css forum, its senior members and especially moderators have disappointed me because of their recent past contribution to this forum.

Here is what I've came to decide about the books that I'm going to go through for my CE-19 attempts. Sharing them here so that any new aspirant can consider them if the want.

1 : Essay and English (P&C)
(a) Exploring the world of English by Syed Saadat Ali Shah
(b) High School English grammar and composition by Wren and Martin.

2 : Islamic Studies
(a) Islamic Studies by Hafiz Karim Dad Chughtai

3 : Pakistan Affairs
(a)Pakistan Affairs By Ikram Rabbani
(b) Trek to Pakistan by Ahmad Saeed

4: History of USA
(a) People's history of United States by Howard Zinn
(b) History of United States of America by Majmudar
(c) Notes by Sir Naveed Bhutto

5 : Pushto
(a) Pohana by Sahar Gul Katozai.

These books are good enough to build strong foundation and definitely broaden study is always best.

I'm looking for the GSA, Political Science, Gender Studies and Governance and Public Policies now. Once I get good comprehensive recommend books for them, I will share them here.
All these books are good enough for your preparation. However I'll also recommend some good books to add to your library. That will broaden your knowledge.
1. Precis By R. Dhillon
2. Essential Grammar in Use By Raymond Murphy (This book is very good for self practice)
3. General Science and ability by Mian Shafiq (must)
4. general science by dr. nawaz samo or akram kashmiri(It is optional. You can buy any one of these two authors).
5. Constitutional and political history of Pakistan by hamid khan( for pak affairs and will also help in pol science plus current affairs)
6. Foreign policy of Pakistan by Abdul Sattar(for Current affairs)
7. Caravan Book of gender studies
8. gender studies by amanullah gondal
9. Political thought : from plato to present byM. Judd harmon (for pol science)
10. Muslim political thought by M. Aslam Chouhdry (Pol science)
11. Pol science: theory and practice by mazhar ul haq
I have No knowledge about governance and public policy. However you can check book recommedation list of this subject in css syllabus.
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