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It was 19th December, a shining day of Islamabad

I reported FPSC hq sharp at 9 A.M. It was totally excellent experience to be interviewed in headquarters. Inside building was good and quite comfortable. We were 4 candidates there. We all were well-dressed and handsome. We were lost in gossip when firstly 0281, I , was called for leaving the waiting room. It was a sudden blow for me because abe tu Guftagu ka agaaz tha
Time duration for penal interview was almost 30 minutes.
It started sharp at 9:30 A.M.

I entered with a smile and lively gesture in the room. My dress code was black with rest combination.

Start was a bit shaky. Chairman gave me chance to sell my self. That was not a sudden question. Though every one is sure about this question yet I forgot the sequence which I practiced a lot. Well, I made my nerves strong and took 3-4 minutes to describe myself. In these 4 minutes my all fears gone one by one. Chairman asked about my family businesses and some other modest questions about the family. Then he turned his inquiry to another subject.
He explained the need of water for the country and asked the question about the solution of water crisis in the country. Gentle voice of chairman was very low I hardly pick the idea of the questions. I presented the construction of small and large dams as a best solution for it, chairman asked more suggestion for its solution. My second suggestion was to improve the distribution system of water. Again chairman asked more suggestion. I gently put the ball in his courts by saying Sir, there may be more solutions, right now I am unable to recall……. I surrendered and gave him way to show his amnesty. Khire I was not afraid anymore because my all boats were burnt, no way to escape.
I remember the remarks of Madiha, my friend, none serious and ungentle questions are always made by gentle man. She actually admired the chairman’s wide exposure.
Second question made by the chairman was about the existing Pakistan India tension, he was meant to the main reason behind the Pak-India tension. I precisely answered the historical facts, interest of new USA’s Government o resolve the issue of Kashmir in the region and attitude of the Indian Government. This time again chairman asked for searching more reasons, perhaps he is in the habit of arguments, ………..hahaha it is fact.
I answered that sir; India wants to exert more pressure on newly established government as well as propagandized against agencies. He smiled. Why ………. I don’t know…..
Chairman invited the other member of interview penal sitting on his right hand,
I remembered as he looked at me light gone somewhere ……………………………… hahaha……. One of office attendants came and moved the curtains for sufficient light…
But it didn’t make any difference.
He asked me madam, u did MBA in finance, tell me about the features of new tax policy of the government, I answered him precisely about he features of new tax policy and new possible areas of tax on service sector and estate sector.. I mentioned my interest in administration rather finance. He put forth his second question regarding the flaws of administration in government departments and low productivity. I explained the reasons keeping my experience of PTCL in my mind.
After him, chairman invited the other person sitting on his left hand.
He questioned me about one of the favorite personality mentioned in Psycho test, I told him what more I know about the personality.
His second question was about the recommendation which I made for FPSC. He also made some extra questions on recommendation with a nice chit chat style. Only he used little bit words of Urdu in question. But I enjoyed his questions a lot. Ending was quite happy.

Chairman interfered and gave me caution about the ending of the interview…………….. I thanked and leave them in the dark room

Forum members, your evaluation is welcome.

It is hope March will bring good news for all potential candidate.

Irum 0281
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