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Originally Posted by Ali Mallah View Post
1. Shah Waliullah translated Holy Quran in ...... language
2. All India Muhammadan Educational Conference was formed by Sir syed in...
3. Ist session of All India Muslim League was held at.....
4. Day of delieverance was observed on
22 December 1939
5. Poor man's budget in india just before partition was presented by...
Liaquat Ali Khan
6. Annulment of Bengal
12 december 1911
7. Cripps visited India on.....
22 March 1942
8. Z.A Bhutto took oath as 4th president on....
none of these (20 december 1971 was not option)
9. 18th amendment passed in year....
10. Who was Governor General of Indo Pakistan during Ist Afghan war...
Lord Auckland (1836-1842)
11. Lord dalhouise introduced doctrine that in absence of natural heirs the
states will be annexed to company rule, it is called as......
Doctrine of lapse
12. ......... designed the mausoleum of Quaid-e-azam
Yahya merchent
13. The first state to join Pakistan after the independence....
14. sada e pakistan secret newspaper published fom....
Punjab NWFP Sindh None of these
15. Earlier It was decided that India will be given dominion status which shall
comprise ..... states
2 3 4 5
16. Quaid-e-Azam joined the Lincoln's Inn in......
17. Urdu Hindi Controversy started in the year....
18. Name the personality which lived in the period 1817-1898 A.D....
Sir Syed Ahmed khan
19. name of head of boundary commision
Cyril red cliff
20. Which charter act allowed indians to join civil services....
Charter act of 1833
As far as I know my 17 Questions are right....
wat is the answer of question no 14
sada e pakistan secret newspaper published fom....
Punjab NWFP Sindh None of these
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