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Originally Posted by shahrukhrahim View Post
Dear Muslim,

I have now applied successfully for this job. The error can be removed by focusing on their special Note that is : "Select "NOT APPLICABLE" in columns of educational qualifications which are not required for your post and write '0' in column of obtained & total marks.

Please do the same while applying. There will be no issue.

Dear shahrukhrahim,

I am applying for the "Naval Law - Lt Cdr" so I have two sections in academic qualifications namely LLB and LLM, respectively. I input the information for LLB but since I have no LLM, I followed your advice and input O in the relevant sections for marks.

However, despite doing all of that, I am still unable to submit the form and receiving the same error i.e. "Academic qualification criteria does not match".

Can you please guide me what I am doing wrong. Thanks!
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