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Default Cpec

CPEC and its Socio economic implications for the region and the world.
1. Realization of economic prosperity through regional integration in the wake of post-cold war, multi polar and war stricken 20th century
Cpec – an overview:
1. A series of projects manifesting China’s one belt one route policy
2. 62b dollars project answering all the concerns on Pakistan China Friendship
3. Connecting Xingjian to Gawadar
4. Roads (From Karachi to Peshawar, Hassan Abdal to Khunjrab)
5. Railway track (From Gawadar to Karachi)
6. Dams, Power projects
7. Mass Transit Projects
Socio Economic Implications:
1. For China
a. Geo Economic Masterstroke of China
b. Fulfill ever increasing needs for China’s Energy driven policy
c. Maintain its exceptional 9.5% annual economic growth rate
d. Secure and expand its oil trade routes
e. Eliminate transportation and political risks
i. US blockade of Maritime routes in Taiwan Issue
ii. Indian and US Surveillance in Indian Ocean
iii. Threat of Somalian Pirates
iv. Danger to Malaccan Dream
f. Reduction of Distance
i. 13000 miles of dangerous route to 2500 miles safe route
ii. Easy access to central Asian and middle east
2. For Pakistan
a. Economic Prosperity
b. Development of Balochistan through Gawadar
c. Development of Transit Economy of Pakistan
d. Pakistan can withstand US threat of stopping 1.2 b dollars aid
e. Control US dominating intervention in this region
f. Foreign Direct Investment will be increased
g. Modes of transportation will be modernized
3. For Region:
a. Central Asian region’s strategic importance: 60% of world oil and 40% of natural gas reserves
b. Access to middle east
c. Stability through infrastructural development
d. Alleviation of poverty in Africa
4. For the world
a. Easy and swift access to European Markets and Uk
b. Check on US dominating influence
c. Presenting a soft image of China
5. Criticism on CPEC:
a. New East India Company in Making
b. China’s attempt to rule the world
c. Cultural invasion
6. Defense of CPEC:
a. Dynamics are different. Now no room for imperialism. Unlike East India Company’s hegemonic approach, CPEC has amiable approach.
b. Realism allows every country to enhance its power and rule the world. China’s approach of mutual cooperation is way better than America’s coercive approach that has given nothing but the bloodshed and wars.
c. Globalized world has given way to hybrid identities and pluralistic cultures. Now acceptance for diversity therefore a threat of cultural invasion does not exist.
7. Conclusion.
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