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Default How to Prepare for 100 Marks PPSC/FPSC Tests.

How to Prepare for 100 Marks PPSC/FPSC Tests.

Dear Fellows! Seeking a respectable job and developing an envious career today is the chief concern of our youth. The way, jobs are distributed among favorites who either have reference or carry heavy amount to pay as gratification , the only option left for competent and deserving aspirants remains trying their luck through Federal and Provincial Public Service Commissions (FPSC, PPSC etc), where a greater level of transparency and merit are ensured.

For a good number of jobs advertised through Federal and Provincial Public Service Commissions , the written test consists of 100 marks General Knowledge based paper of MCQs. The 100 marks generally are further divided into

Current Affairs
Islamic Studies
Pakistan Studies
General Science / Every Day Science
Basic Arithmetic

While in the tests conducted by PPSC in edition to these there is often a portion of Urdu also.

Now the question arises from where to prepare for these tests. Based on my personal experience of qualifying numerous PPSC & FPSC tests and after having observed the methods of various other successful friends, I have come to a finding that for making an effective preparation for these 100 Marks GK based tests, now-a-days, preparing the recent past papers conducted by Public Service Commissions are proving to be a panacea. In this regard for the preparation of PPSC tests , Imtiaz shahid's book of solved PPSC tests and for FPSC tests, Mr. Subhan's book of FPSC past tests have now assumed the status of a compulsory read.

These books of past papers prove their worth at two levels.

Firstly, A good number of questions get repeated in these tests and one finds oneself in a highly comfortable position in the paper when one comes across those questions being repeated.

Secondly, Remember , General knowledge is a vast subject and one is helpless to prepare that all. In this scenario ,these past papers provide you an idea as what trends were going on in the Public service Commission tests and keeping in view those trends what areas needed to be focused and prepared on priority. I would like to elaborate the point with the example of a personal experience .
For instance, in one of the test the question was asked where King Akbar was buried.
Now first of all this question could get repeated and has already been repeated quite a good number of times .
Secondly, it gives an idea that in the upcoming test they may ask about some other Mughal or Muslim King's place of birth or burial. Now, one may find from books or may search from internet as where remaining famous Mughal Emperors and Slateen e Delhi were born and are buried. I did the same and in the next test which I came across carried three questions regarding Mughal Emperors. This is just a single example to illustrate the idea. I quote another example here. In one of the tests they had asked who was the teacher of Plato. Now firstly this Question could be repeated in any of the approaching tests . Secondly , in the upcoming tests the examiner could ask some other relevant question. That's why I prepared the chain from Aristotle to downwards . And in one of the next tests I came across question that who was the teacher of Alexander the Great. That's how the past papers prove instrumental in a befitting preparation. In this way, by following past papers not only one brightens the chances of finding those questions getting repeated in the paper , but more importantly one starts anticipating the expected questions and the trends being followed.

Another important thing about Imtiaz Shahid's book of past papers is that it contains a section carrying most important questions regarding Urdu which one doesn't find in other books in the market like Ahmad Najeeb's book and which are being asked in PPSC Tests .

After one has obtained an idea from past papers book that what needs to be prepared , one searches for some book from where all the material can be prepared. In this regard the Carvan Publishers' book by Ahmad Najeeb proves highly instrumental in making preparation potent enough to perform better. There are reasons for this convictions. First of all , this books covers almost all the areas from which the questions may be asked in these tests. Secondly, though there are certain other good Books of GK MCQs also available in the market which have the same contents and scheme. However, they are replete with errors and mistakes . While, this book owing to its far less number of errors and mistakes distinguishes it from those other books in the market.

However, one is better placed to get more benefits from the book of Ahmad Najeeb after one has gone through the book of past papers which I have mentioned above. As only then one is abreast of the fact that what portions are to be prepared on priority basis and which areas may be skipped.

The third source which consists of highly important content regarding these test's preparation is Ilmi's GK Capsules. However , still the primary and most important sources remain the first two books I have described.
That is how, in my opinion, one may brighten one's prospects of performing impressive in such tests. And this is not mere rhetoric. I myself have followed this technique and I was able to qualify numerous tests including the tests of Assistant Director IB through FPSC , Assistant Director anti-Corruption and Assistant Director Civil Defense through PPSC where the merit went to hit 90 marks.

I wish all the aspirants good luck.
Regarding , How to Prepare for Interview , read the following post.
How to Prepare for an Interview ?

Tasawar Bosal
Assistant Director Anti-Corruption
Ex- Assistant Director Civil Defence
Thanks Allah
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