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Default yes, such students have the stamina

Educational inequality is a curse. One of its countless damage wreaked is one inflicted upon the civil superior services examination. It produces an oppressive environment for marginalized class. The larger chunk of population is disadvantaged in academic studies. When they start CSS preparation, after completing Masters, at the age of 25 or older, they are at level zero in skills required by CSS exam. Several years are needed to learn English language (one of the core skills required for CSS), as learning a language takes years of hard work and dedication. Most of the candidates have to support their family financially, which further eclipses their chances of qualifying CSS within certain period of time. In that limited time, they have to compete and beat the endowed and advantaged class.
The elite or advantaged class, on the other hand, studies from modern institutes. Learning is qualitative in such institutes. The graduates of such institutes are already equipped with English language skills (one of the core skills required for CSS).
As a result the advantaged class exploits the age limit rules set by FPSC and beats the disadvantaged class with no difficulty. This is the story of thousands of such less endowed candidates who do not qualify the civil services in the limited time frame, and they live the rest of their lives with a wish that if there were few more years and attempts available they would have been qualified the exam.
The Age limit is barring hundreds of underprivileged candidates from entering the prestigious bureaucracy, yet it welcomes the privileged and elite class members of society. Our colonial bureaucracy is further more marginalizing the marginalized class. Moreover, Most of the countries, developed and developed, including our immediate neighbors have general age limit of 35 years, however, in Pakistan it is 30. Despite the fact that Pakistan has comparatively more poor and unequal education system. Therefore, timely age relaxation by the government may yield some relief to the larger disadvantaged population of our society.
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