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First of all there is no fix definition of terrorism. A person who fights against some government regime is terrorist for ruling class but the same person will be hero of those who are oppressed by the government.

Every act of terrorism or violence is caused by some inequality or injustice considering that the person is sane. So, the motive of terrorism in Pakistan, like other countries, is reparations. e.g. Why Taliban attacked APS(highly secured) instead of killing students who study open air without any roof? just because they thought it to be an act of reparation to realize Pakistan's involvement in authorization of drone attacks or it could be anything that they thought was very unfair and made them to do violence.

So, the only solution to this problem, like any other problem, is to eliminate the root causes of terrorism in Pakistan. Pakistan should realize its past mistakes and should make efforts for positive dialogue with terrorists. Pakistan should also mainstream the people of FATA and KPK as they have been neglected since the end of cold war. There is no denying the fact that we militarize the general public for the protection of interest of USA against USSR ,and after the disintegration of USSR we never thought of introducing some plan that could demilitarize and bringing them into mainstream. So, violence is never a solution(long-term).

This was also asked as a essay question in 2010
CSS 2010 Essay topic
dialogue is the best course to combat terrorism
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